Comic Book Review: Sideways #8


I can’t say that I have been all too impressed by the direction and story decisions for this series, but I’m still here because part of me holds out hope that the potential that Sideways has will be tapped into. Eventually. Till then, here we are where once you would have hoped for things to turn around for Derek after finding out that his attitude got a love one killed, now he is off on some Dark Multiverse adventure with the Seven Soldiers.

The first part to this story was much-needed for a development that came out of left field. For as cool as this story would have been under different circumstances, there was interest in who these Seven Soldiers are, and what makes them different from most other teams out there. That was understood very quickly when it came to their dynamic. From the start, I found them very obscure between those I was familiar with, and those who seemed new. Their personalities clashed, some seemed like liabilities, and you were pretty much just left waiting for when things would go wrong. I mean, I remember Klarion being troublesome for a sorcerer of his age, but I never recalled him being the kind to be so quick to stir the pot when things were tense enough as is. The only two who you could really count on to be emotionally or morally stable was Zatanna and Frankenstein.

Being introduced to the enemy that they’re after was a good move for this second issue. Again, for how quickly we were thrown into this new situation, it was better that we weren’t going into this with too many questions. Especially when there was already obstacles thrown in to challenge the Seven Soldiers off the bat.We got the gist who of who leader was, and just what this team was getting themselves into by coming back for their imprisoned comrade. I can’t say that I was all too shocked by the reality of the situation. It was as it seemed on the surface. I don’t want to say predictable, but sometimes it is what it is.

The pacing also picked up very fast when it came to figuring out just what makes this enemy and her army so deadly. The fight that broke loose I have to admit was exciting. For as strong the Seven Soldiers are, this was a massive assault unleashed upon them. I would say that it was in that moment where I could appreciate how the art team switched up from Rocafort to Max Raynor and Trevor Scott. I was a bit disappointed at first, but the truth is that with Rocafort you expect a little too much flash, instead of true engagement of what’s going on in a given moment. With this new art team, I felt that they were just as detailed, but had the extra sense of clarity and atmosphere to bring with them. I enjoyed the gritty scene that they were able to set through more form and solidarity. The uniformity of the Sheeda army as well was something to be impressed with. Speaking of atmosphere, that was also why I was glad that Dan Brown was still on board. What this story transitioned into, that was more up his alley when things start to get violent and brutal.

While I wasn’t entirely on board with the way that Sideways got separated from the rest of the team, I can’t say that they failed to grab my attention through the sense of exploration that came with this land of Perrus. You can’t really say that there are this many opportunities to see new places that exist in the Dark Multiverse. The art team certainly had some fun with more of the unique combinations and versions of characters that can be spotted here. I only fear that at the end of the day we are being pulled in one direction too many. Derek getting home to his priorities will be that much further out of reach now which is sad to come to terms with.

Sideways #8 left me with mixed feelings. I couldn’t hep but feel excitement towards some of the things unfolding here, but as I keep saying, I wish this was all happening at a different time. When I can set aside that thought nagging at me, this is a solid storyline between action, exploration, and new introductions.

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