Comic Book Review: Silver Surfer #1


silver-surfer-no-152713With Secret Wars finally over and Marvel Comic’s All-New All-Different line now in full swing, there’s been a notable amount of disappointment in the unveiling. Marvel’s current track seems to be making big attention-grabbing shake ups and launching new number one titles only to wait a few months for when the hype evaporates and they start the process all over again. For that reason, a lot of the new and continuing titles honestly don’t spark the same type of flare they might otherwise. Chances of the new books getting cancelled is high, chances of old books getting cancelled and relaunching as a new volume even higher. For that reason, and the unintentional melancholy the whole Marvel universe seems to be caught up in, one of the paradoxically strongest yet least significant (in terms of interconnected crossover action) books is Dan Slott, and Michael and Laura Allred’s Silver Surfer.

The book has been compared frequently with Doctor Who, which is hardly a surprise. The series over all premise is following the high concept exploits of Norrin Radd, former herald of Galactus, getting swept up in fantastic outer space adventures with his female companion from Earth, Dawn Greenwood. With adventures being mostly episodic and little to no baring All-New All-Different Marvel Universe (read: there isn’t another forced cameo of the Uncanny Avengers), Silver Surfer remains one of the more refreshing books coming out of the new line up with it’s very basic set up and stories.

Issue #1 opens with Norrin and Dawn making their way back to Earth after their adventures in the previous volume to enjoy some downtime at the Greenwood home. Unfortunately, the space farers indirectly cause a brush up with an alien race called the Hordax who have terrible plans for Earth. Slott’s Surfer is a relaxing read. It’s laid back, even when there seems to be doomsday scenarios unfolding into a brisk yet satisfying pace. I’d actually say its best comparison is like eating a donut. It’s short, sweet, colorful, probably not the healthiest thing to be consuming, but satisfying for however short it is. Slott breaths a lot of life into the distanced and (literally) alien Norrin but the star is more or less Dawn as she’s the reader’s perspective.

The other stars are the Allreds, Laura and Michael. The two are one of the artist/colorist teams so perfectly in tune with each other they manage to a highly polished yet collaborative work in such a high frequency and quality. Michael Allred channels the vibrant weirdness of 1960s science fiction while injecting it with weird blob shapes, psychedelic effects and messing with perspective. Likewise, Laura Allred’s colors are bright, happy, and engaging. The two working together easily becomes the highlight of the book, as it breaks the traditional superhero “house” style.

Silver Surfer #1 is a fantastically mellow comic for the overly hyped All-New All-Different Marvel line up. Zigging where most of its contemporaries zag, Slott ditches the hectic life of the Amazing Spider-Man for a family getting together and watching the Wizard of Oz while the Allreds churn out fantastic after fantastic idea with a great sense of care free adventure. It’s definitely the greater book for your buck.

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Silver Surfer #1 is a non-threatening but fulfilling continuation of the Surfer and Dawn's fun adventures

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