Comic Book Review: Sovereigns #3


If anyone wasn’t taking this threat seriously after the loss of Turok, the message has been sent loud and clear to the world and heroes still standing. Who would have thought that by now we would have already gone down from four to two. We didn’t see how Turok fell victim, but we did Spektor and that was a sight you could not unsee. The last days of the heroic age have arrived, and from here our expectation is to see actions in response to what they now can’t ignore.

Last issue we really got a look into Solar and her place in this world. As I said before, I’m glad that they pushed forward with this Solar being Erica, also still with her father still ghosted in some way. She brought something new to what it means to be Solar, and it is easier for newer readers like myself to connect to her without needing to know the dad’s past role holding the mantle. Better now than later that Sovereigns #3 jumped into what they meant by Solar creating free energy for Earth and it’s people. It was important to understand the role Solar plays as a sovereign over this world, which makes sense as to why she spends more time in Earth’s low orbit than actually on the surface. If there was anyone who truly felt like a god for the position they held, it had to be Solar which is a presence they nailed. The good thing here was that they darken the colors a little more for her dialogue to make her conversation easier to follow. That conversation was unique and engaging for two minds being able to think at once. With that said, the mystery Solar solves isn’t quite fully solved which is saying something for how smart she is. It gets the wheels turning for them to fully figure things out, but they surely stumbled on something that shakes this up big time.

Getting back to Magnus, that was one hell of a message sent to him b Spektor during his final moments. I don’t think anyone can prepare themselves for experiencing someone elses death. You knew that shock wouldn’t kill Magnus, but it sure did get the blood pumping because that was when the reality sunk in as to what they are dealing with.

There’s a little more action with Samson, and at this point that is all I could ask for from his end of the story. Something simply just needs to happen there to justify our need to give attention to this future point in time. This was also a better now than later situation that developed this issue. A real conversation, and a real hint at just what it is Samson is trying to accomplish on his journey. From there we just need a kick in urgency as that will force results rather than drag feet.

One thing I couldn’t overlook for this issue was some errors with the words. Some letters missing here and there, maybe a whole word. Not the kind of thing that you can overlook as it distracts.

The change of perspective was favorable for this issue of Sovereigns. Johnny Desjardins and Mohan shift their focus to Solar and this changes things a great deal. There’s not much movement from her, but that has purpose to it. The lack of expression, body language and so forth came out of necessity to capture this being who spends a lot of time thinking. I mean what else do you do when you are two in one? It was smart that each panel changed the view that we were looking at Solar to keep giving us something different to look at. As I pointed out above, glad they also fixed the coloring of the word bubbles and lettering. The words highlighted in yellow in particularly you want to make easy to read when on top of white. Before it was unfortunately an eyesore. As for Samson, it was his change in direction that made all the difference towards caring about his part. This issue we could see personality from him. Some sort of hint that there was something going on in his head rather than what we were reading as narration. Still haven’t “seen” what makes him formidable yet, but hopefully that will come with time. All that aside, the scene on the moon nearing the end was beautiful. That was one way to say that this enemy is messing with space and time.

Sovereigns #3 kicks things up a notch. We made so much more progress in this issue now that there is no denying the threat of this enemy. The fun is still in all the things we don’t know, and neither do our heroes. It keeps everyone bracing for the worst since future events already tell us the fate of these sovereigns.

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