Comic Book Review: Sovereigns #4


The last issue of Sovereigns shook things up in a big way. They’ve had an interesting way about approaching the way this plot unfolds. For me, I was glad how they utilized a character like Solar who is way too powerful to simply not know what is going on in the world below her(him?). Not only this but I was thankful the story of Samson is beginning to take off. That was taking some time and I was worried that I just wouldn’t care about his part in the big picture.

That first part of the issue taken to dramatize the problem left me with mixed feelings. It was a nicely visualized catch-up of what is going on, but at the same time it was a little time-consuming. You want to jump into that next part of the story, and this wasn’t quite telling us anything we didn’t already know rather than adding a little flare and age to the story.

With this issue of Sovereigns we do take a big step forward with that said. The danger of this darkness would only make sense if it wasn’t just the Lost Valley it was affecting. Appearing on the Moon, and then locations worldwide was a smart step taken towards this threat spreading. Of course this was only the start as we see not only what happens to a world without Spektor’s spells in place, but without full access to the energy Solar was supplying. It was at that point that I could actually see why they and this story is called Sovereigns. They could be called this just because, though the meaning can be felt through the way they have kept the world turning in their own way. Power/energy, peace of mind, and technological advancements. Those things on the surface shape the world around us which is slowly falling apart.

It didn’t take too long either to understand how the world Samson walks comes to be. That was a shocking discovery because you would have assumed it was one thing which caused that apocalyptic world, yet it was simple a chain of unfortunate events leading to the final nail in the coffin. Including figuring out which one of the Sovereign is the actual cause for this, though that will need some explaining. In that moment you could also understand how the end could come for Magnus of all people. His story is strongest because of his awareness to the situation at hand.

There’s only one thing that nags at me about Solar after this issue. Even with what I know about Erica as Solar and her father before her, they confused me with the added bit that there are three people in one. At any point it would have been nice to elaborate on this. Even just a word just that plain said who and what we are dealing with. Again I like this character, so I don’t want to feel that I don’t at an important part of the story. for the character.

I think this issue has been the strongest the artwork has been so far. The issue before got creative through the focus on Solar, but it was as a whole here that you could take in the improvement of quality they have brought to this book with each passing issue. It was usually concerning Magnus that you could see the struggle, but they nailed him this time around whether it was his full rendering or how cool he looks in his flight suit. He may even have been out of action most of the issue, though the strength in his expression as well sold you on how bad things have gotten for Earth with the Sovereigns failing up to this point in stopping the enemy. I have my problems with Solar story-wise, but as usual I do love the way they draw this being. To actually see the three who made up this Solar was awesome. This including their fight with the enemy which none others have had the opportunity to do. Now would it be nice to actually see some form to this darkness? Of course, but for now I’m at the very least impressed by the ability to do as much as they have with just this deadly blob of black. Always risky if you can’t do this for the desired effect of making it look three-dimensional or capable of creating that reaching look as if grabbing.

Another great issue as we walk away knowing much more than we did last month. Sovereigns #4 expanded on our understanding of current events, past events, and events still unfolding. Powerful moments as well from characters as solving this mystery is either their salvation or their doom.

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