Comic Book Review: Spider-Gwen #3



Spider-Gwen is off to a good start, having adventures with familiar characters in new and familiar ways that fans of Marvel Comics can enjoy. Spider-Gwen #3 sees facing off against Captain Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher. While it would be cool to see two characters fight each other over 22 pages, there’s more then just the Punisher in this comic. Spider-Gwen must also deal with the Vulture along while facing a crossroads with her life since the cops are drawing closer to catching her.

One of the  things I love about Jason Latour’s writing is how he sets up the world of Spider-Gwen. He shows what’s different, what’s the same and why these characters are appealing to readers. Gwen Stacy has traits like stubbornness and guilt to show why she continues doing what she does in the series. It helps build her character and her relationship with other characters like her dad for example. Speaking of her dad, I actually like the idea that someone close to Gwen Stacy actually knows she’s Spider-Gwen. While Spider-Ham from the last issue was awesome and I miss that we don’t see him in this issue, I think having someone who knows what’s going on with her life is great. It builds up their relationship and gives her a mentor/parental figure she needs to keep her grounded.

The antagonists for Spider-Gwen #3 are okay but have a few faults. While I do like where Latour was taking Vulture with wanting attention and using goofy gadgets to terrorize people, he was starting to be too much like his mainstream counterpart. It had me questioning stuff. Why didn’t he just go after the people who screwed him over? Why doesn’t he just attack the city if he wants to destroy it?

Frank Castle does have a awesome moment fighting Spider-Gwen. It shows that even though he’s still a cop he still has the same skills that his mainstream counterpart uses when it seems the odds are against him. The outcome of the fight does set him up as one of the as someone who will be very important as the series progresses. The only problem I have with Frank is not Latour’s writing but more in his design done by Robbie Rodriguez. When he comes in to fight Spider-Gwen why does he have his skull logo? I get it’s for fans to recognize the character and get excited when they see him in action, but I just find it weird since his family isn’t dead and he has a job as a cop. It doesn’t seem like he should have that so early on. Maybe when there are more villains introduced in the series it could have work as some bizarre plan to draw her out but it just seems weird we see the skull symbol so early in the series.

The art for Spider-Gwen #3 is really good. All the things that worked in the previous two issues are here in this comic as well. The designs, poses and graffiti style special effects and onomatopoeia are back and grab readers attention from beginning to end of the comic. I think Rodriguez actually had some improvements since the last issue with the character showing more emotion. I think the best scene Rodriguez drew for this comic is the fight scene with the Vulture. The scene had easily recognizable silhouettes and the poses were exaggerated just enough to have readers say “this is epic”. Rico Renzi has done a fantastic job being the colour artist for Spider-Gwen. He made the art for this comic pop out for the reader and shows that the Spider-Gwen world is unique with the neon colours working well with the darker colours.

All in all Spider-Gwen #3 was a good read. The art and colours were great and had scenes that readers will remember for a while. The future of this series is bright and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Spider-Gwen #3 has some major moments that will shape the future of Gwen Stacy. A definite must read!

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