Comic Book Review: Spider-Gwen #4



I’m really enjoying the Spider-Gwen series. Seeing a different kind of Marvel universe with characters taking on different roles and bringing out sides of them that has briefly or never been seen has been a ton of fun. While the first three issues were epic and featured Spider-Gwen in action in taking on characters like Vulture and the Punisher, this issue focuses on her world’s version of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

I think this is the comic most Spider-Gwen fans or Spider-Man fans in general wanted to see for a while. We get to explore Gwen’s relations to Aunt May and Uncle Ben, which is actually closer than one would think even after Peter’s death. They’re almost like a second family to both Gwen and her father. I have to give Jason Latour credit here because he does a great job illustrating  why Spider-Gwen feels as guilty as she does over Peter’s death. It explains so much to readers like me who were wondering how close the relationship was to Gwen and Peter.

While I’m glad we see the Parkers and what they are like in Spider-Gwen’s world, I think the other characters in the series didn’t get enough panel time as they should. I think a small amount of panel time with certain characters would have helped tie all this together. For example, the situation with Frank Castle isn’t really mentioned. We saw his reaction to meeting Spider-Gwen in the last issue and it’s not addressed in this issue.

The art for Spider-Gwen #4 is amazing. Robbi Rodriguez is still on his A game for this series. One of the things I really enjoyed is that the designs for both Aunt May and Uncle Ben are closer to the modern day look instead of looking like they did back in the Silver Age. Although I think he shouldn’t have drawn all those lines on there faces to show that they’re old. I get where he was going for, but I think it could have been better with less detail. The colours by Rico Renzi are also fantastic and the dark and neon colours work so well for Gwen’s world. In fact there is a page that both Robbi and Rico worked on that showed Gwen’s guilt that I thought was great and showed how talented they both are on that one page.

All in all Spider-Gwen #4 is a fun comic. There wasn’t a lot of action like in the previous issues, but the story alone is what will have fans wanting more now that we dig a little deeper into the world of Spider-Gwen. In fact, this is an issue that on it’s own could grab the attention of people who weren’t already reading the series.

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Spider-Gwen #4 is an emotional issue that introduces us to this version of the Parkers.

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