Comic Book Review: Spider-Verse #3



At two issues in, Spider-Verse has offered us group of wall crawlers who are each unique in there own way with a mystery that has brought them together in a way that makes sense. This issue continues where the last issue left off with the team facing off with this domain’s version of the Sinister Six while giving us more background about this domain.

I was excited to see the team  face off against the Sinister Six. It’s classic seeing the Sinister Six face off against Spider-Man and seeing a team of Spider-Men just has me excited because we normally don’t see a team fight the Sinister Six.

Spider-UK comes off as the leader of the group in this comic and that’s fine. We don’t have any stories heavily featuring him other than the Spider-Verse stories. Seeing how he operates as a hero along with what he thinks about the team will have readers interested about the character and wanting to see more.Costa shows what kind of character he is under the situation he and the rest of the team are in. He’s a stronger leader type who doesn’t let the biased opinions of other dictate how he runs things. 

I still don’t trust Norman Osborn as far much as I can throw him. Costa throws readers a curve ball in the series by having Osborn actually trying to help the team, but I’m still not convinced. Despite what most of the team think of Osborn in this comic, Costa has shown a bit of evidence like Spider-Ham’s strange behaviour that has readers thinking twice about Norman’s ‘noble’ intentions.Even those who are just jumping in will find Spider-Ham’s behaviour odd  and think that something is up.

Compared to other tie-in stories to Secret Wars, visually, it’s not one of the best. Andre Araujo’s art style may not be the best choice for this series, but I can’t help but see that he’s actually getting the hang of drawing this series and coming up with some good scenes. Certain pages like the widespread shot between the team and Sinister Six and a couple of facial expressions from Spider-Gwen shows that Araujo is getting the hang of it and showing that he can draw a well decent comic. Sure, there are still panels that show the same flaws that the other two issues had, but I’m glad he’s trying his best when it producing scenes that will stick in readers heads. The designs are okay, but I’m not a big fan of the Sinister Six’s designs. Characters like Doc Ock and Scorpion are okay, but characters like Electro and Kraven has me stop reading and think they could have gotten better designs for these guys. Rachelle Rosenberg did a decent job on the colours. It sets the mood and helps tell the story, It makes some of the character designs pleasing to the eye, but it’s not something that’s going to pop out to some readers.

All in all, Spider-Verse #3 did a good job in keeping readers interested. Despite the flaws in the art the story did draw in readers and there are a few curve balls that I don’t think a lot of people were expecting in this series. I

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Spider-Verse #3 is an enjoyable issue making this one of the most fun Secret Wars tie ins.

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