Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #10


The previous issue of Suicide Squad as a tie-in to Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad took us through the events that led to this crossover. So it was easy to see that this next issue would be the epilogue of what comes after the crossover event. I should say before I go any further than being the epilogue you should go read the Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad finale if you don’t want to be spoiled. One of those things you just have to say because.

As badass as Amanda Waller is, there’s nothing better than asking yourself how her ambition can blow up in her face. She’s someone you love to hate because of what she is willing to do for the right reasons. She’ll go to those dark places to get the job done while throwing everyone expendable under the bus to do so. Unfortunately this is when those actions come back to bite her in the butt.

This look into Amanda Waller’s personal life is a treat to anyone who simply sees “The Wall”.  For someone like Waller there has to be a good reason that we don’t know what goes on in her personal life and it was unexpected to see the kind of life she gave up for what she does. The warm welcome she got for the trouble her family runs into was natural for not only the position she put them into, but for the lack of presence she has shown up to this point. This was our chance to get inside her head on a larger scale than simply trying to be the end all save all for the world. Especially when as assumed there wasn’t too much love lost here. A person like Deadshot still finds a way to be involved with his daughter. Waller is not that kind of parent and her kid’s reaction to her so-called protection spoke volumes. This has been the most powerful issue so far because revenge comes in all shapes and packages. This right here, you can’t get any better or more human than Waller being torn down to her basic layers.

The perspective of the Suicide Squad themselves was also appreciated. Throughout this crossover it is more apparent than ever that they aren’t the villains everyone fears them to be. That comes with the realization that they understand what it means to value the ones close to you more than anything else.

Ultimately with the theme of Rebirth you could consider this Amanda Waller’s. It started with the idea that many would have agreed with to return Waller to her former size. Then they push further with this once in a lifetime chance to understand her personal life if you aren’t too familiar with who Waller is outside of her Task Force X work or in general running Belle Reve. At this point I really would call the majority of Suicide Squad new reader friendly. The tie-in didn’t take you out of the story, and neither does this.

Giuseppe Cafaro was undeniably the best for the job as penciler. This issue wad for the most part down to Earth giving depth to one of the more engaging stories we could come across for Suicide Squad. The only thing that can matter more than the action is the cast of characters before us who prove that there is more to them than what is seen on the surface. Cafaro has this way of drawing the characters that humanizes them. Not too complex, but not too simple either. He gets how to bring out those natural looks in their faces and expressions that sell you on the way the Waller family feels about one another. Well more so what they feel about their mom. The contrast was strong between how emotional the kids were and how cold and distant Waller could still be after not seeing them for two years. It was all in the looks on their faces and their body language. She stayed true to being The Wall in every aspect of how she carried herself acting like a director more than a mother even when trying. It was quite easy to see that these were Hi-Fi’s colors. He has this distinctive strong selection of colors in comparison to most color artists. Though for this issue what stood out most was his use of reds and blues. It really set an urgent atmosphere around Waller, her family and the Suicide Squad. A great mesh of these two colors and much more than displayed his skill in balancing.

Suicide Squad #10 will and should be remembered for any who forget that Suicide Squad can’t be compelling. Even the likes of Waller have a story to them, and it won’t always be the cold boos whose ready to blow your brains out. It can be enlightening to the reason why she is that person. For that reason this story is as memorable as they come.

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