Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #11


The epilogue to Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad was a rude awakening to what it means to be Amanda Waller. The Wall has sacrificed too much and too many in order to be where she is today, and it is no surprise when things don’t go her way because of these ghosts from her past coming back to bite her. So it wasn’t too shocking knowing what we already know about her current situation to piece together what comes next.

This also made the question of who the greatest foe the Suicide Squad ever faced was quite obvious. They tried to be a bit vague about this though you must have already known unless this was the first issue you jumped into. Regardless it was the question of how far Rustam would go for his revenge that you care more for. Max Lord I felt wasn’t a challenge enough in the end for the fact that he wants the same things Amanda wants, control. Rustam on the other hand has something personal against her with a worthy reason for coming at her as hard as he already has. I mean her own family now knows what she does and still wants nothing to do with her anymore. What more Rustam could do from there had endless potential, but it would always lead back to tearing down everything she has built. To that extent this chapter lives up to the name titled ‘Burning Down The House’.

As things do tend to go after a major event, the status quo has also shifted. It was intriguing to see what happens to the Suicide Squad when they’re under someone elses control. Nothing has changed too much for them, though hopefully those changes are something to be experience down the road because it would be nice to see that more than Killer Frost was influenced.

Nothing too big happens here aside from set-up which would have been alright if it wasn’t for the fact that the main story isn’t usually that long most issues. On the bright side the issue does end with the right moment of escalation that should throw us into the thick of what this war Rustam has waged against Waller has in store for everyone. As for the story at the end of the issue, ‘Life Outside’, you can forgive what wasn’t fleshed out in the main story when this one gets into the mindset of Waller after suffering her first loss from Rustam. If you felt like her reaction after having her kids walk out on her wasn’t strong enough, this story made up for it with more of a personal touch. This goes with a quality art team in comparison to the one I get into below.

I have to say I was bracing for this stage in Suicide Squad since the moment Rob Williams announced that John Romita Jr. would take over as artist. Truthfully I was expecting a few more issues before that point, so that disappointed more than him actually taking over. I’m not going to say that Romita’s art style is bad, but it is an acquired taste. Unfortunately for me his art was only really appealing during the time of Kick-Ass, outside of that it was hard to see as the best work you could match with most books. We’ve had some stunning artists on Suicide Squad up to this point, but when you turn to Romita it almost feels like a step down. Yes he is great for the gritty and violent aspects of a story like this, but it’s everything else that turns you away. The blocky style of the characters, the awkward facial features, and as a whole stiff movements. Those things simply overshadow what was already great about Suicide Squad visually. I don’t know if he is the main artist from this point forward, though this would have been one of those cases where you stick with what was working. Dean White did a good job on colors with that said. I personally enjoyed the way he nails the digitized effect of Hack’s powers. In general his palette is both as you would expect from an action-packed story.

Aside from the choice in artist that I struggle to justify, Suicide Squad #11 does still hold potential in where this is taking us having Amanda Waller face the consequences of the lengths she was willing to go to get Batman off her back. Its odd when this time around it’s the story at the back which holds your interest more for what happens then and what it leads to for the next issue.

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