Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #15


Good time to be a member of the Suicide Squad, right? They’ve been through some stuff in the past, but this sure does take the cake. ‘Burning Down The House’ lives up to the name in many ways, but more importantly shows what it means to be a part of these team whether you embrace being a villain or strive to be just a little bit better. Though for this finale to the story arc, you have to ask yourself how the hell Waller has managed to escape death again.

From the very first page I loved that the shock of Waller still being alive was allowed the room to sink in. You really thought this story was going one way and suddenly everything you thought you knew was tossed right out the door. An interesting development nonetheless for a finale considering this is a pretty ambitious story to tell. I’m not going to lie, what happens here does feel like absolute convenience. A good plan is a good plan, but this was one heck of a way to flip the script during an emotional time where you were taking in the way these villains were taking what would have been their last stand. It stung a bit even though this was the kind of turning point I was hoping for. This is not to say the execution wasn’t both exciting and humorous. In every way the way the Suicide Squad rose to the occasion when this kind of action is what they live for.

Now when it came to the explanation of Waller still living and how she was in control the entire time, I have to admit that thought did go into every step that had us convinced of what was going on up to this point. When they can grab you like this and lead you on until a big reveal such as this, they did their job right regardless of what you would have rather be true. Well one action and loss remained true, and that’s where it will hurt the most for some time if like me you found yourself growing on this character who I still believe had potential if given the time or chance.

The story at the end I felt was the smart response to everything that just happened. There are some things you just can’t overlook about Waller’s actions and I’m glad Rob Williams understands this enough to make sure there is always tension generated from what you can’t stomach about her approach to justice. My only issue with this story is that I like consistency. In the Flash ongoing they addressed how Reverse Flash died in Suicide Squad, but this book ignores the death of another teammate who died in this very book not too long later. That aside, this story did very well in wrapping up ‘Burning Down The House’ while setting us up for what comes next. The next threat isn’t very clear, but all we need to know moving forward is that the mission never gets easier.

By the end of this story arc I still feel that it would be better if Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Adriano Lucas had the main story as the art team. It kind of sucks having to go through one art style that doesn’t fit too well, just to get to the second half which nails it. This run of Suicide Squad I have to say has been very personal and engaging. For an action book, you don’t always expect perfect artwork throughout, but this is one of those times where it really helps. When we switched to Romita we lost a bit of that appeal, though the quality still somewhat maintained by having this second art team tackle the second stories for each issue. Clean pencils, colors with depth, every bit of the interior detailed from character to setting. I dare to say that Barrows, Ferreira and Lucas understand more than most that at the core this should have that air of darkness to it. At best we should feel like there are elements of espionage to this since this isn’t some legitimate team that you throw in front of cameras.

Suicide Squad #15 brings us to the end of another story arc and it sure did pack a punch. Shaky in a few areas, but still everything you love about what this team does best. Still some questions to answer down the road as well as addressing how this team is holding up internally, but for now things keep moving forward. If there’s anything to take from this story arc most, it is that you simply don’t underestimate Waller.

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