Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #16


New mission time for Task Force X! Hard to say that things can really be the same after the ordeal this team has been through at the hands of Rustam. Normally we jump into these new story arcs with not much known about what we are in store for, but here we are looking forward to that one mission where Waller will for the first time in a while have to swallow her pride to get the job done.

I must say though, the idea of putting Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor in the same room is quite chilling. Even as Lex has been a villain in the past, he is still the kind of hero who knows how to get his hands dirty for the sake of what’s right. The same as Waller, though of course only one ever has the luxury for that side to be seen. So even with that aid you wonder what it would be like to sit these two together and the conversation just flows naturally. Both passive aggressive, working some sort of angle, tip-toeing around the things they aren’t willing to fully admit to the other. Overall I enjoyed the conversation for the fact that these two are big on information and secrets, which neither are unaware of when it comes to each other. Mainly Lex who we all know has his fingers in enough jars to ask all the right questions. Not in a way that antagonizes like Max Lord, but smart and engaging as we know Lex to be.

It didn’t take long for us to learn the true intentions of Waller for seeing Lex Luthor, and honestly that made more sense for a character such as herself. Sure she is still swallowing her pride just talking to Lex, but to go so far for something only Lex Luthor has because simply asking is too much.

Emphasizing the kind of mission the Suicide Squad just came back from, this was a point of interest to see how they would hold up working together. Surprisingly it was kind of as if nothing had really happened. While I did want some things to carry on into ‘Earthlings on Fire’, I guess at the same time you still have to walk that line where you want new readers to have the ability to jump into the story without feeling as though they missed something. This is not to say everything is overlooked because there are small things like Deadshot’s arm addressed, to bigger things that might develop over time like what Boomerang did. The team dynamic wasn’t changed much as they still are like a dysfunctional family squabbling with each other and on a leash. As usual I do like when the humor is spread among the cast rather than seen only from Harley. Aside from this the action was satisfyingly brutal.

It goes without saying  I do find myself surprised that we also go back to an issue with a full story throughout. Up till this point we were treated to two stories an issue, though there’s nothing like a single issue focused on one thing. This is not to say that those stories at the end didn’t impress with some engaging stories which fleshed out both plot and characters.

I must say that this is my favorite art team so far for Suicide Squad. Didn’t hate Romita’s artwork, but just couldn’t roll with his style for this book, or maybe it was just the idea of switching to his art style after someone like Jim Lee was on. Nonetheless our art team of Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea and Tomeu Morey did a wonderful job. If there’s one thing you tend to get used to at this point, it is that each art team brings on a different vision of this team. I can’t say there has been a time where I didn’t love the little changes here and there. Whether it is Harley’s changes, or the way they have Deadshot wearing pants or not, these things do make all the difference in shaking things up. I will say most times I do prefer Boomerang with shorter hair though you still have to love that face. The way they draw Waller I found more appealing here because there was form to her, she shows that she can look both formal and fashionable, and most of all her hair looks more fitting. Nothing drives me crazier than sticking a big fro on her head and leaving it like that. That aside, quality pencils and inks that didn’t clash. They were precise enough to bring out the most detail in both characters and settings. The action sequences were fun because they let this team do what they do best even if there was a bit of restraint in their violence for this mission. If there’s one thing about the colors in particular that I loved aside from the action effects. it had to be the way there is focus to what you are looking at in each panel. Morey knew how to dial it back when there is a lot going on at once, and it helped that the strength of his colors were tame and natural.

You may call this mission anti-climatic, but Suicide Squad #16 delivered everything exciting about this team with all the things you just don’t see coming. We jump into ‘Earthlings on Fire’ with the same team, different problems, and some interesting interactions that you definitely want to see explored more.

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