Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #22


It really i dark times again for Suicide Squad fans. From each creative team for this book you look forward to that one story where this team is at their most vulnerable. ‘Kill Your Darlings’ just so happens to be that story for Task Force X. Hack is dead, Rick Flag is dead, last we left off Killer Croc might be dead, and the rest of them might be facing the same fate. Not to mention Waller looking like she has faced one of the few people who can bring her down.

Following what happens to the Suicide Squad next did not disappoint. I think we all knew what we could expect from Harley and Deadshot’s actions to save them, but not what would actually happen in that moment. Quite chilling knowing that even if getting out of this in one piece, someone would have to answer for what was done to Killer Croc. That decision made by Harley was the right statement to send about her current state of mind. That lack of regard for life or feelings is quite the opposite of what we got from Rick Flag leading. We aren’t seeing the old Harley, we are seeing a side of her that you should always fear comes from pushing her too far. It was now that we could finally understand why Waller actually chose her to lead the team. It wasn’t for her accomplishments up to this point, thought it was for what Waller could see that she became. That said, here we are more focused on what Enchantress would do when pushed too far. This was the first real emotion we could get out of her that wasn’t excitement for being able to let loose. It mattered a lot at a time like this that we could see what this relationship meant to both Enchantress and June.

With the look of the cover, there was something else to look forward to from this mission and that is what reveals the truth behind Boomerang killing Hack. It stung to see what he had coming to him, but I’m sure that I speak for many when I say that Hack’s death is not something anyone would have wanted swept under the rug.

Where we pick up with Waller was interesting. Instead of continuing straight from where we left off between her and Karla, we instead find ourselves working backwards from a different point in time since then. It kept you anxious about what really happened. But even then, you find your attention focused on understanding this Karla and his mission for The People. Their motivations are convincing, and you could see why they might be the opposites of the same coin.

For part two of ‘Kill Your Darlings’ we now have the art team of Agustin Padilla and Adriano Lucas. Not a bad team if you ask me for what they were able to capture in the events which unfolded. Padilla has more of a gritty style to his pencils along with a little less form than what we are used to from recent artists. All a matter of perspective of course because up close he nails a lot of things such as wrinkles in clothing like Enchantress’ cape, the defined muscles of Killer Croc, and actions which make use of the right effect to make the movements believable. Never overlook the application of a blur effect when used right, or the use of color glows to match intensity of powers used. For Enchantress in particular I enjoyed Adriano Lucas’ approach to her letting loose. You could feel that killer intention from her when she made her move in response to what was done to Killer Croc. Next to Sejic this is the best capturing of her powers when unleashed violently. Aside from this I say it was nice to have a visual representation of what it is we were looking at when there was a comparison of who Harley now acts like. It was in her expression that said it all.

Big changes are ahead for Task Force X after the events of Suicide Squad #22. That encounter with Karla went nothing like what you would have assumed from it, that may have been for the best as well. A change in direction like this keeps things fresh in my opinion.

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