Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #23


This is a tricky story arc to find my feelings on. Up to this point it has been great, but I surely was not expecting Task Force X to go full-on super-villain at the call of Waller. Not only after her conversation with Karla. I mean did he trigger something in her? Mind control her? Or is Waller just giving in to her nature to make the real power plays? Either way I don’t think this was ever a point you thought we would reach in this run of Suicide Squad.

After Killer Frost went her separate way to join the Justice League of America at the recommendation of Batman, I would have thought this was a big turning point for her character. From what I did read of Justice League of America, she did put the work into trying to change her image and outside opinion about her. So this shakes things up for better or for worse when she is practically being hunted down like a villain again. For all the people who Waller could have gone after it still didn’t make sense for Snow to be that first on her list. Not when the other Justice Leaguers are more high-profile. I’m glad this was cleared up quick so it didn’t seem like a waste of time. Now hunting Batman as well was a bold move. Plenty could give this team a hard time, but they went with the one person who has taken them down more than any other. His reaction to their assault catches you off guard, but it was appropriate for basically being fooled by this team he thought wasn’t all that bad.

As for the Suicide Squad, one did wonder how this team would move forward after what they just narrowly escaped. Harley has turned into the worst version of herself, Deadshot shot Croc, Enchantress almost kills Deadshot for shooting Croc, and Boomerang left to survive or die after being outed as Hack’s killer. As awkward as it is, I must say it is exciting to see the Suicide Squad finally taking somewhat of a role as villains. More so Harley than the others who still hesitate. Harley gives you chills here because there’s a big difference between having the mindset of Waller and having both the mindset and the ability to put it to work on the field. A dangerous combination given all leashes have been cut.

This issue had more than enough action, but it was better that time was taken to elaborate on the things that would have come into question. I mean there might still be more to this side of Waller we are seeing, but as for everyone else they are simply taking on their true nature.

With changes to the direction of the story, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise that we would switch up the art team again. This time the team of Gus Vazquez on pencils and Adriano Lucas on colors. Vasquez was fitting for this kind of story because of the level of activity within these pages. This is a team book which means it is preferable to have an artist who can handle drawing more than a few characters in a panel. His fine point works to his advantage in getting every detail whether character or settings. He does have his few changes to character designs here and there though nothing too significant like artists before. I do however appreciate the fact that he gives the characters depth to their costumes. Nothing is too form fitting or paper thing. They looked like they were wearing metal, leather, scales, so forth. Between him and Lucas it was a sight to behold watching Killer Frost unleash her full powers again. They captured this display of power on a grand scale and nailed it through the ice and snow covering the city around them. There was no fear that Lucas couldn’t pull off a winter effect the way he did.

Any reader should have been very skeptical about where ‘KILL YOUR DARLINGS’ part three would take us. The Suicide Squad have done some crazy things in the past, but to challenge Batman like this? I’m not the biggest Batman reader, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy this pissed and ready to strike back. What could have lost us reignited a need to anticipate the next issue.

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