Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #25


We know the sides, the stakes, and who is truly pulling the strings behind one of the biggest powerplays since the start of Rebirth. There was clearly something wrong with Waller, but you couldn’t have guessed exactly what that was till the time for everything to spiral out of control. I’m not shocked with who still at the end was able to bounce back from current events to still fight against this grand plan put into motion against the metahumans of the world.

I only say I’m not shocked by who would see a turning point because in your head you had to know it would be Harley. Nonetheless exciting to see the Suicide Squad once again show why they aren’t the villains you assume them to be. As they said, you know the world has gone crazy when it is up to the super-villains to save everyone. They do bad things, though you would never expect them to willingly go along with whatever Waller has been forced to do and forcing them to do. At this stage in the story they have once more evolved into the reluctant heroes that some of them can be. With that said, I enjoyed more that even with this turn of events, saving the world is still easier said than done. They had their challenges and obstacles that put them right where they needed to be when it came time to take back control.

With this last part to ‘Kill Your Darlings’ it was the right move that they come out and actually say what Direktor Karla and The People are planning for the world. We know the gist of it of course, though you also don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for the villains to truly reveal themselves. Call it cliche, but at the end of the day this is a superhero book with heroes and villains.

Now for me I have to say that everything was good till it came time for Waller getting her voice back. Nothing like the way she makes you cringe for the disregard in empathy for the sake of showing that she is still in charge. It goes without saying that the way others push back against her makes for the best interactions. Whether it was Harley, Batman or even Killer Frost, they all had something to say which struck true and hard. It only amazes me that regardless of all that she is still not someone deterred from her ways.

The artwork for this finally I would have to say was a solid effort from this team. Only a little odd for the fact that we have a change of artists for this last issue of the story arc. If anything I would push for consistency nearing the end of a story. That aside, ___ did well enough on pencils between the detail he put into these characters and settings, and the job on inks that gave much of what he drew depth. The inks made a difference as well when it came to capturing lighting and aiding with objects that would otherwise have been too complex to fully render. Of all the things this art team delivered for the story arc finale, nothing tops the design for Harley this time around. She has had quite the wardrobe up to this point, but I can’t help but love the Tank Girl-like style. When it comes to Suicide Squad, that look is very fitting for her when there is a reason to let loose. Not to mention that gun she came packing that was so ridiculously big that it was awesome.The colors being from Hi-Fi said enough about the quality that you would and did get out of this. The intensity and boldness of his colors really work during key moments of a story where you have hit a climax. His use of blues and reds in particular stood out in capturing flows of energy or the static nature of it used here.

I wouldn’t say that Suicide Squad #25 felt too much like an anniversary issue, though it was great for just being the finale to ‘Kill Your Darlings’. Many characters made their time in the spotlight count and this was just as chaotic as you would have expected it to be. Maybe not through the action primarily, but there were many things that needed to be addressed between characters that they nailed with execution. This twist for what comes next is quite interesting because I think at this point we all would have thought we knew everything about the original Suicide Squad by now.

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