Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #27


With this new issue of Suicide Squad we jump into a new story. I haven’t been all too invested in Dark Nights: Metal, but that didn’t mean I didn’t find myself satisfied with the way the Suicide Squad was tied into that story. At the core, that was still Suicide Squad which is all you could ask for from it, but that was then and this is now where you thought again if you assumed you knew the history of Task Force X.

With every story that comes and goes, there’s the question of the new status quo for the team. It hasn’t been long enough for anyone to forget that once again Waller almost messed up big time, regardless of the fact that they did end up saving the day when all was said and done. It frustrates you to no end that she manages to talk herself out of owning up to each screw up, but that is what you come to expect from this unmovable woman. Her actual choice in new leadership you knew was coming, though it was better now than never.

While Waller went with little change to her character, the rest of the team did show some difference in attitude towards one another. You never look for anything too drastic, but you can see the subtle things that linger on from past missions. Like we could see that there is still tension present between Deadshot and Enchantress even though what he did was at the command of Harley Quinn. Killer Croc isn’t as monstrous as he used to be before he and June became an item, which does beg to question what wrong can come from that in the end. For now I’m glad that Harley didn’t end up being the center of attention. She may still be going through the motions after losing Rick Flag, but that can only take so much time away from the others who are going through things themselves. This mission definitely threw some of them outside of their comfort zones asking for some questionable choices and reactions to one another. The experience and excitement you got out of this issue was almost familiar to when the Suicide Squad went underwater into that Russian facility.

The only thing that threw me for a bit of a loop was how everyone has dealt with Boomerang’s return. He really did cross a line with most of them when he killed Hack, which was pretty much betraying them. You wouldn’t have thought that them being told to get over it would have been taken so seriously. With that said, his brand of humor has been welcome now that Harley isn’t quite herself anymore. His sarcasm, and reluctance to throw himself into danger is always the perfect recipe for entertainment. Especially when this new mission takes them into space.

For the most part this issue was build up towards getting to ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’. Some could be disappointed that things don’t actually kick off till the end, though I will say that much that went on in this issue did come out of necessity in order to progress with little distraction.

Another new issue/arc usually means a new art team to follow. This time around we have Barnaby Bagenda on pencils, Jay Leisten on inks, and Adriano Lucas on colors. Barnaby Bagenda is another welcomed changed of artist for the quality of work we got out of this issue. As I will always say, there’s never a problem so long as with the next artist we are getting the same quality or better than the one(s) before. I’ve never read Omega Men, so I could only go by the hype of whenever someone mentioned Bagenda till now. I was impressed by the level of detail that Bagenda and Leisten are able to get into. From the first issue they give us a detailed perspective of what it is like to currently live in Belle Reve. The team’s containment is a little more locked down, and there’s much more security placed on them to keep them in check. Some sleek suits that are apparently now used more regularly as well. They surprised me for the fact that they didn’t take too many liberties when it came to the way they designed each member of the team. Some will have their own way of drawing character like Deadshot and Harley, though they were more by the book. With that said, they did do a fine job when it came to character expressions and body language/movements. Adriano Lucas as usual is a quality colorist that just makes everything pop. You couldn’t ask for a better colorist who knows how to breathe life into a book that is heavy in action. His range of colors be if depth, textures, tone, all of it was easy to take notice of.

Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad do somewhat boldly go where no sociopath has gone before. Suicide Squad #27 was a solid start with us mostly getting through a catch-up of the current status of the team, with some mild suspense towards the big reveal (for the team). In general this is a good jumping-on point for new readers as well since there’s not too much to know about the arc before aside from Rick Flag being dead.

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