Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #28


After everything that this team has been through recently, it only makes sense that we could dial back to a story that is less end of the world scenario. Again it does catch you off guard that there is another secret to this team’s past aside from the origin we got before, but what would this team be if there were no secrets to discover? Especially when of all people this is dealing with a relative of the deceased Rick Flag.

This has been an interesting development for the team and us. Even with this being The Secret History of Task Force X, you still feel like you have to brace yourself for something more to this than what is seen on the surface. No pun intended, there were many things about this situation that sent off red flags from the start. Some things they addressed almost immediately, though other things you couldn’t quite shake off. There are just some stories out there where you are just prepared for the worst and this was one of them. You haven’t been reading Suicide Squad very long if you aren’t braced for the worst case scenario on a mission. That everything won’t go to crap or there be things that would flip what they thought they knew right on its head. This wouldn’t be a bad thing either since they wouldn’t be the Suicide Squad if this wasn’t the kind of mission they signed up for.

I was surprised that someone on the team could be so deeply affected by the reveal of these two lost people out there. If anyone though it would be so simple as to forget that the person you loved died, try walking up to a relative who hasn’t aged and still resembles that lost love. As for the rest of the team, their reactions came with who they were whether it was Boomerang or Katana. It was Katana in particular that you were watching out for because this was her moment to show what she can do when it is time to start making the tough calls. Losing Waller on most of this story helps a lot because you need that moment even if temporary to address what they all can do when it isn’t just “Do it or I blow you brains out!” going through their heads. They may be mostly villains, but they have their moments here and there to be something more than what the orders call for.

On the other hand you still have Deadshot and company caught in the action and they aren’t up to date on what is actually going on. The contrast in atmosphere was significant since they are left in the dark to fend for themselves. Not to mention not all of them are in their right mind about the situation.

It was interesting to once again  see a back-up story for Suicide Squad. That is a treat we haven’t gotten since the issue where we lost Hack.

With this issue of Suicide Squad we find ourselves with the art team of Eleonora Carlini as the artist and Adriano Lucas as colorist. Caught me a bit off guard to see that there was a change again, though from the first page I could tell that Carlini was a good choice. She is another artist who not only has strong pencils but clean as well. Not too detailed around the faces of the characters, though has her own way of them showing expressions. Especially with those who are affected most by these developments. She also has her own way of drawing characters like Croc who seems more spiky than scaly. Argent on the other hand looked very cool between design and size in contrast to everyone else. The colors in particular stand out and only an artist like Adriano Lucas could create such an appealing mixture of purples. The action was solid as nothing too extreme, though showing the other team in a tight spot. For how short that part was this issue, they got very creative between the layout of the panels and the bold array of colors blasting from both sides. Lucas just had a way of making what could be overlooked, pop right at you just from his color choice.

Suicide Squad #28 opened us up to what he hope is the truth to this secret Task Force X. Solid character moments and build-up to what will be an intense confrontation with whatever put them in such a desperate situation to call for help. Overall you want to believe this story because it opens a door to the history of the DC Universe that you couldn’t haven’t done any other way.

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