Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #30


Only a Suicide Squad mission will leaving guess this much as to what this team is getting themselves into. They re used to nothing ever being so simple, being betrayed by Waller for the sake of getting the mission done, and manipulated by others who manage to appeal to their sensible side. ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’ so far has given us a bit of everything, though they have made this a unique situation where Waller is struggling to figure things out herself.

After that twist from Rick Flag senior, that was the point we needed to reach in order to begin understanding where this mission to supposedly stop Red Wave is taking us. I mean you knew that something was not right about Flag and Grace, but you couldn’t have foreseen the problem being that they were already compromised by Red Wave. Which at that moment created a whole new set of questions. Were they aware of this? Would stopping Red Wave really have freed them? Are they the cause of all these dead allies at the hand of this beast? Luckily all those things became clear with not too much of a complicated explanation. Nothing too shocking, though you at the very least know exactly what kind of situation is taking form here. There wasn’t much action here or where the rest of the team was, but for issues such as this you are looking to take more substance than style from it.

It was also good to see that we are finally getting somewhere with Waller and the rest of the team. While Harley and the rest of them are being brought up to speed for better or for worse, these other guys are pretty much trying to survive the experience in order to figure things out for themselves. The fear setting in from not knowing what they are dealing with worked because there was no one benefiting from the concept of control. The best story you get out of this is when there is a sense of urgency, but an even greater sense of caution from the unknown.

That development at the end I felt mixed about. On one hand you want dead to mean dead in a book like Suicide Squad, but at the same time you don’t want this to be a story where it is always one unfortunate event after the next for these characters. At some point you do want to see some of them get what they want despite being villains.

The back-up story for Suicide Squad #30 surprisingly was a bigger shock than anything else in the main story. Whatever we learned from the main story gave us a better grasp of what is going on, but this development here was a gamechanger for anyone who thought knowing the problem meant coming to an easier solution. Not at all the case when now knowing that things are even worse than they seem on the surface. I had a feeling that this story was leading somewhere, and luckily they did not disappoint as there was always relevance to these back-up stories at one point or another.

This time around we have the art team of Phil Briones on pencils and Adriano Lucas on colors. The penciler may change with each passing issue, but it is good to at least see consistency with colors. Especially when you have a color artist as goo as Adriano Lucas. With that said, I liked what Phil Briones brought to the tables with a finer point to his pencils than the others. This allowed for greater depth to his work that produced some detailed creations between characters and scenery. The first thing you take notice of is the characters who pop out more from attention given to their actions, form, and the little things here and there that avoid the feeling that they are flat. I felt that characters like Argent and the Red Wave looked more intimidating when you are able to take in the unique composition, which of course also goes beyond just their size as well. Red Wave in particular came off more intimidating than before by the way his face scrunches, his tongue moves like it has a mind of its own, and in general looks like a beast that could kill most of this team with little physical effort. That aside, I enjoyed the effects they used to add energy to the action scenes.

It could always be better, it can always be worse, that is the life of this team whenever they spring into action. Suicide Squad #30 added so much context to this plot and story that was worth the wait to reach. Great suspense up to this point when there were a number of times when you thought you may have figured things out only for the creative team to tease something else.

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