Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #31


Its do or die for the Suicide Squad as they are not finding the best luck at combating this threat on two fronts. Everything about ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’ really came down to the execution of how the mission would reach that point of escalation. To that extent I feel they have nailed this plot for the story arc. The odds are stacked up against this team and that is when you look forward to them finding a way to turn this around. You know they are going to, though it’s just a matter of when and how.

Everything coming down to Harley on the moon front wasn’t anything too surprising, but it has been her change of attitude since this mission began that grabs your attention. She has been destroyed by the loss of Rick Flag for a good while now. Heartbroken, heartless, though now back to something foolishly courageous. Even with that being the case, it was Karin who stole the spotlight here. She was the next target of the Red Wave, and how she chose to fight back was an intense moment of sacrifice. It was in that moment that you could believe that she and the rest of them really were the older incarnation of Task Force X. The theme for this issue was how both teams represent the same kind of dangers that they all signed up for willingly or not

With that said, the reveal of Rick Flag alive and well creates mixed feelings. It’s always nice to see that someone didn’t perish because of the douchebaggery of Waller, but you still question how he survived the explosion he set off. Not an answer you expect to get here and now, but something you will want when the an explanation can be told without distracting from current priorities. That aside, it was a touching moment for who he had the opportunity to encounter through this convenient development. And they really kept up the excitement of his return as he is the only one who can genuinely take lead of this team as feel as though everything will work out for better or for worse. He is the perfect contrast to a majority of this team, Katana included.

Waller and company on the other front discovering the identity of the person who started this war was only really a shock if you weren’t paying attention to the back-up stories that followed each issue for ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’. Not to say the reveal was bad considering we are now seeing everything come full circle with all the cards on the table. There was always more to this story and King was that missing link after the events of the issue previous. I only hope there is a bit more to get out of Waller and the rest of their involvement in the issue to come.

I was surprised that there was still more story to tell through the back-ups, but they are always welcomed for the depth we get to this story that would otherwise be derailing in the main story. “King For a Day” was a fitting title to this story when we got to see things from King’s perspective after the infection. This exploration of his time following the infection made sense of everything Waller and the team ran into on Earth.

This issue brings us back to the art team of Eleonora Carlini, Jay Leisten, and Adriano Lucas. A lot of things went on in this issue so it took some time to focus on the key areas of the artwork. A ll around the work was solid from start to finish. The characters were well-developed between body and costumes, the Red Wave had a terrifying presence to it, though it was the structures that stood out to me the most. As good as the characters and monsters can look, it takes a fair amount of time and effort into making the vehicles and internal structures stand out. Especially when it comes to ships which were the scenes that impressed me the most. After that of course came Red Wave as the next thing they made pop from the excellent use of reds, to his unique look that creates this cross between a dinosaur and a dragon. It was really Adriano Lucas’ colors that brought it all together. The depth this guy goes into can make the most flat drawing look like a masterpiece. Every scene in particular dealing with the Phantom Zone grabbed your attention for that cosmic effect and flare that he gives to the area it affects and within. The back-up story by Wilfredo Torres was simple and to the point. I want to use the word average, just because that is the look you want when focusing Faraday who was the most normal of the group.

Suicide Squad #31 was a good mix of emotion and action, just how you like it when it comes to this book. The theme again is sacrifice, and it never hurts to emphasize that this is a big part of the job description. Well that and its also in the name. The events here were defining and memorable when almost everything about this story had tragic written all over it.

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