Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #32


When the big theme for this story arc seems to be sacrifice, you pretty much know what you are bracing yourself for by the end. Particularly when this is the finale for ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’. A mission that has our team in a position where they are in way over their heads. As we all know, this is not usually the point where you go into an issue of Suicide Squad hopeful. Not a bad thing of course since that is the name of the game.

What felt different about this story was the air of tragedy that filled the air. There was so much unfortunate about what happened to this Task Force X. They had so much to gain through their actions and sacrifice, yet so much to lose through their connections and afflictions. The same can be said for the current Task Force X, and more so in terms of those who have found someone to care for. At a point this wasn’t even just about the sacrifice, it was about what it means to be a part of the suicide squad. Meaning that this isn’t the line of work where you are expecting a happy ending.

From the start of this issue the urgency could be felt as all are scrambling for a way to fight the danger of the Red Wave on two fronts. With the added twist of the unstable Phantom Zone engulfing everything around it. The return of Flag came with a big question attached to it. Would he still be the same guy who would find a way to bring everyone home, or would he find himself put in an impossible position to make a hard call? Sad to say you knew exactly what was going to be the case and it shook things up in a big way considering that meant no one out there in space was safe. The panic really set in when accepting that someone could go at any minute. How things ended with the Red Wave was a relief, though at the same time heartbreaking. Rob Williams put some genuine emotion into how this concluded and wrapped up. To see how far those would go for one of their own, and the reality in being a conscripted villain. If there was ever a reason to root for the villains and not everyone else, they made that easy.

That aside, I’m glad that things finally began to make sense on Waller’s end. Up to this moment of revelation I did wonder if that part of the story would hold up in significance to the plot. They all had their part to place, but they still had to make sure that there was a take-away from it all. Especially when it came to what Faraday had to share about his actions in the present time rather than the past. He was clearly the one who set the Suicide Squad on this path to intercept the Red Wave, but that was only the start of his manipulations. The truth wasn’t all too shocking, though it was information that we needed to come from Faraday himself in order to bring things full circle. It was the intention of his actions that do manage to catch you by surprise because of who will be lost to this suicide mission that Faraday got them all caught up in.

The artwork was impressive for this last stretch of the arc. They approached this issue with the idea that this needed to be action-packed and fast-paced from start to finish.The highlight of this pot was when the Suicide Squad makes their final stand against the Red Wave. As I’ve said before, I love the way that they draw this monster. So detailed and thought out in the way it attacks and carries itself. You would assume this was some mindless beast and the things takes every opportunity to prove you wrong. Particularly with the way the Red Wave throws itself in every direction to break free of the ship’s grasp. That frantic motion set the tone for what the team was preparing to face down. The warm colors at the same time set the atmosphere and tone. Nothing grabs you more than those colors popping right in your face to make the statement that they are messing with fire. I particularly liked the way they captured Karin and Faraday infected with the Red Wave. They didn’t go through a full transformation like Flag Sr., which made it easier to see the affliction they suffer from keeping a hold of themselves. That aside, the emotion was well drawn on these characters faces, and those who had something to lose more than others.

Suicide Squad #32 brings ‘The Secret History of Task Force X’ to a close and I couldn’t have found myself more satisfied with what came of this mission. It stung like hell because with the end of every mission, this team is yanked and twisted in a way that changes everything when you get back to them for the next arc. You care about what happens to these characters and that is all you can ask for when it is a book about villains.

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