Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #35


One of the saddest moments I will say from this run of Suicide Squad was when they killed off Hack. This was a character who in a number of ways was not like the rest of the villains. She didn’t need to be there, but she wanted to be there. And then when told by her idol that she has the potential to be so much more, she’s betrayed by one of their own? Heartbreaking. That is what left me conflicted with my excitement for this issue. Sometimes dead doesn’t always mean dead for the Suicide Squad, but can we be prepared for Hack not being the same person we lost?

Hack stuff aside, there was something else to address first. As with most new story arcs, what you look forward to from the Suicide Squad is a change in the status quo. This usually takes the form of a new line-up for the team, a new dynamic between the squad members, or a shift in the way they are viewed and operate in the world. What changes were thrust upon them this time around was a natural situation that they would eventually face. This shift in status quo may not be the main focus right now, but it is a development that should shake things up down the road with so many things that have gone wrong for Waller up to this point. As much as we love to see her strong-arm her way out of problems that she created, what we probably need to see right now is what happens when faced with no option but to own up to those mistakes.

It goes without saying that if you’re reading Damage, it is welcoming to see that there is a connection between their involvement in that story and this one. Better that this was where we could come to understand why the roster looked so dramatically different from what we are used to. Not a problem of course, especially when this made a statement about the seriousness of the mission to take down someone as powerful as Damage.

Who Waller even turns to at a desperate time like this said more than enough about the situation she finds herself in. She may be cold and unfeeling, but every now and then logic does kick in to ask for the right help. Every now and then she can also remember that he has a life, and that was a big kick if she wasn’t already with her back against the wall. I must say that this creative team did not pull punches. For the best they are giving Waller the full experience of what happens when her life comes falling to pieces around her.

I like that the problem that is Hack with a revenge came naturally. It wasn’t a development that they focused this entire issue around. This came and it was simply that nail in the coffin after a series of things were just not going right for Waller. It was like asking “What more can go wrong?”, and being hit with the worst case scenario in that very moment.

My excitement for this new story rose the minute that I saw that we had Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Adriano Lucas on interiors. That is the kind of art team you have on board when you are looking to deliver on visual appeal. First, I loved the new look for Hack when she made her grand entrance. If I were to admit one thing, her costume and look was a little basic when she first appeared back when. This new design between her costume, hair, and even the intensity of her power was a big step forward. Getting that bit of excitement out of the way, this was an issue overall where the art team was tackling a lot of new things. The new soldier that is looking to make Waller obsolete was interesting. If it wasn’t for the firepower of the suit, I would say there’s nothing too powerful about it. With that said, the design is at least unique between the style of the chest piece and the color scheme. Seeing what happens when the Suicide Squad engages Damage was fun considering the heavy hitters thrown in and the way this fight tore through the streets. It was pretty much Damage living up to his name, plus he has quite the imposing presence. The inking helped very much to focus down on that rage of his. That aside, Adriano Lucas’ colors for this issue packed a punched because of his approach this time around. His colors are usually strong, though in this instance they are more tame, which in turn allows for him to be able to bring out more detail in the art.

So far, this new story arc has all the makings of becoming one of the better stories told in this volume. Suicide Squad #35 came guns blazing from the very start, and that is the kind of intensity you expect from this book. Above I was talking about how each arc begins by shaking thing up, but this was just flipping the whole damn table.

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