Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #39


The Wall is what happens when you take that step further towards absolute power over enemies foreign and within. It was a great twist the way this ultimate government weapon has suddenly turned against the world he is supposed to protect. Was the Wall always corrupt? Did he suddenly decide this wasn’t the career path for himself? Could there be someone pulling his strings in the form of a thought to be dead hacker? Many questions come to mind when he flipped the script to bring chaos to Washington, D.C.

For this chapter, the importance lied in the build-up. Everything was pretty quick getting to Task Force X and getting them up to speed on the current situation. Not to mention of course laying down the ground rules as you would expect before a mission. It was all handled very well since Flag finds himself in the hot seat. We all love to see Waller knocked down a peg, though now was his chance as the guy who tries to play the role of the hero who can’t do wrong. Rick Flag is forced to turn back to the Suicide Squad to stop the Wall was fitting overall, even if he wasn’t the main one affected by this betrayal.

Grasping what was actually unfolding was one heavy blow after the next. Not everything is certain when it comes to who is being dealt with under that suit, but what was certain was the dangers in secrets. Everyone directly or indirectly felt what it means for Waller’s secrets to bite them. Being exposed is always going to be the least of anyone’s worries which they made very clear. The way this team came together again was thrilling as again we are hit with the reality that these villains are closer than you would imagine. When I say team, I do mean the actual villains. They have been through some crazy stuff, but at the end of the day they only have “the team” when it comes to everyone going out into the field and making it back in one piece.

How June Moon and the Enchantress have found middle ground has been a great development. Certain things like this you didn’t expect to blossom into something groundbreaking for the character, but it is appreciated since she is unlike any other on this team. June found a new exploration of herself, as well as Enchantress. Artistically, it was the smart move to remove the hood and the shadow over her face to bring emphasis that they were working in-sync. One may find it cliche that love has helped them overcome their obstacles, but not every villain gets that opportunity.  Especially for how long these three have had their bond. The only problem a reader could have is what elf-discovery like this means for any character. That normally means that you brace for the worst. We got that, and luckily the emotional impact of the moment outweighed everything else.

The art team goes through some changes to give is Neil Edwards and Ulises Arreola. Edwards is definitely an artist you would want to see more of on this book. He knows how to draw these characters in their element. For this issue it was June Moon, Enchantress, and Croc who stood out for the personality he put into them. You could only get the raw emotion from their story through their love, pain, and heartache. All of which they experienced in a short amount of time which hit harder in the moment. I mean just that first scene where the Enchantress emerges was stunning for the entrances she made and again how you could see a change in the way she carried herself that gave the impression of how she and June were somewhat on the same page. When it came to the Wall, it was exciting to actually see what he is capable of in action. He didn’t seem as all-powerful as the hype using only one weapon, though it was the fight he was able to put up that you may find impressive. Especially when they take the close up of his face after the first clash that came with Croc. The punishment he took made a statement that he is only human underneath all that metal. With that said, I do prefer when they go with the bulky look compared to sleek. That is more convincing when he is supposed to be visually imposing.

Suicide Squad #39 cranked the dial at a time when we needed this creative team to the most. As close as we have gotten to these characters, you have to push some boundaries if they are to live up to the name of Suicide Squad. This issue created that reminder that no one is safe and that is the best feeling to have putting down this book.

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