Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #40


Suicide Squad #39 was the issue we needed to be reminded of the genuine excitement that comes with this team. Their backs are always going to be against the wall mission to mission, but there needed to come a time again where we could feel like no one was safe. Unfortunate that in this case it had to be June Moon/Enchantress, but there was no better way to make that statement if you ask me. The icing on the cake was the fear that has now been put into Waller when the secrets she keeps closest from the world now come to haunt her in the worst of ways.

The story of Waller we have heard before, but never before did it hold such emotional weight when the life of her daughter and grand-daughter hang in the balance. I mean well technically we should say her whole family since that would have only been a start with what the Wall now knows. Either way, this was a rare time where you could sympathize with her because there is motivation for the life she now lives, and attitude she carries towards anyone who is not her family. None of this means that the issue to follow she won’t be back to the heartless monster she usually is, but for now the vulnerability is appreciated when not even she should be untouchable.

I had mixed feelings about who was actually pulling the strings of the Wall. Happy because deep down I want a second chance for said person, but sad because this person has pretty much made choices that you probably can’t come back from. It wasn’t too hard getting back to the Wall to figure out who this was. As Rick Flag said himself, that’s the same guy underneath the suit, but he wasn’t talking or acting the same. All you had to do was pay attention to the key words used in the dialogue. Well actually, who am I kidding? The freaking cover shows who was behind this. Hack till the very end flipped everything on its head. Pain does truly bring out something different in people. For her? That meant an assault that shook everyone in some form or another. How she went from here was still as vague as the last time, and this time I think I was more okay with it considering nothing is set in stone.

When it came to the confrontation between Hack and Waller, that hit hard. This was one of the few times that Waller couldn’t be the heartless ***** that she is known to be. Could you? I mean it’s not as if Waller ever did see Hack as the rest of the other legitimate villains, so her response when given her final choice was powerful. A moment where there was nothing holding her back from expressing a sense of failure and love. Her confrontation with Rick Flag after, that was a heavy contrast, and yet in this case you would still agree with the way he views her. There was nothing to understand or appreciate when at the end of the day Waller was to blame for everything happening in the first place.

The art team changed for the last issue of this story arc, and while I would normally call this a foul, the quality of the art saw improvement. That is the only case where I would say you can overlook the sudden change. Jack Herbert was a perfect choice in artist when this last stretch of the story was more character-driven than anything else. What truly helped is that Herbert draws strong expressions for his characters. Especially when it comes to Waller. Some get too caught up with the fact that she is pretty emotionless to let loose when she is not given that room keep her emotions in check. Herbert wasn’t afraid to show everything that was going through Waller’s mind, even that initial reaction from Waller’s daughter was perfect for the personality she clearly picked up from her mom in the face of danger. Hi-Fi you can never go wrong with on colors. Such a strong range and strength to the color selection and really just made this in your face. While again there was no action, the colors still managed to bring out the intensity in such a dire situation.

Suicide Squad #40 brings ‘Break Through The Wall’ to a stunning conclusion. This had nothing to do with the action, and that is what makes this a welcomed finish to a story arc. As you would expect, nothing will be the same moving forward, and the headspace of these characters should hopefully change the atmosphere that comes with this team in the following missions. It would be a crime to move to the next story and see nothing from the fallout.

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