Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #41


Its new story arc time for Task Force X. A team that should I say once again is not the same as when they started last arc. June Moon/Enchantress is gone, Rick Flag is gone, attitudes are soured, and you definitely feel something when Katana’s sword still says Waller is guilty. Now is the time to see how they move forward into the next danger, and if there is something to take from their recent losses.

The idea that this new story would involve Batman both breaking Deadshot out of Belle Reve and teaming up with him had me immediately. It was different from some of the other stories so far, and it involves a notable hero which hasn’t been the case for a good while as well. With that said, it was interesting that they started this story at that point where Deadshot’s daughter was already kidnapped by Kobra. For the sake of pacing this was the smart move considering all we need to know is that Deadshot has many enemies, and those who would do anything to get back at him. How they brought Batman into this was pretty cool since there is no other hero you could throw Waller’ way that would infuriate her more. The only question of course was why Batman would feel the need that he should breaking Deadshot out to save his daughter, when he could probably do so himself.

In terms of the escape itself, that came and went, though there were a few things that stood out that was worth recognizing. Particularly when it came to a certain member who almost stood between Batman, Deadshot, and their escape. The reason for them making it through that obstacle was a nice touch. Once again proving that not everything about these characters is evil, and proving to Batman once again that the way this place runs is like a circus.

Waller’s reaction made this all worth it. Her first response was predictable, but everything after that was just right. When you come to understand the hatred shared between these two over what they stand for, it never gets old when Batman gets on over her. And on this level? That is one hell of a way to piss the big lady off if you ask me.

That aside, most of this issue was a build-up to this mission of theirs. Not a problem of course because no reader or fan of the Suicide Squad should ever want to miss the opportunity to see Batman show Waller who really has the power. The next issue is one to look forward to if you were looking forward to more conversation between Batman and Deadshot since this issue was all about the break-in and escape. Not to mention if you want to see how the dynamic of this team changes when the new member of this team is as devious as it gets.

As usual I would say that Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas are a perfect fit for this story. They bring grit to this corner of the world that matches this team’s intensity. When adding Batman to the mix it is greatly appreciated since there’s that grim atmosphere which carries over as well. His sweep through Belle Reve was exciting since it is nothing short of impressive to follow this one guy making short work of Waller’s security by non-lethal means. A hard contrast to what would normally be a violent assault if it was the Suicide Squad breaking in somewhere. What I really liked with this new focus on Deadshot was finally seeing what was done with his arm when they replaced it. You would think it was just his arm up to the point where he lost it that was turned cybernetic, but they went all out with the additions to his arm from the way it attached to his flesh, and the bulbs that you would assume power this new arm. That aside, I can’t say enough how Waller’s face made everything worth it. That looked screamed someone who has felt personally attacked.

Suicide Squad #41 starts us off on the right track with a new mission, and new stakes involved on all sides of this conflict. It was only a matter of time before Batman made his presence known again, and he did not fail to make an impact on those he encountered. At the same time, it was only a matter of time before Deadshot could be the center of attention again. For a guy who has been taking some losses as of late, this is a time where you want to see some real heroics and redemption.

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