Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #42


Its not every day that Batman will decide that a villain like Deadshot deserves a chance to fight for someone he cares about. Honestly I was pretty shocked when this story came to light. Shocked because it was unexpected, yet excited at the same time because this is a version of Batman I can get behind for his moral code. Like I said last issue, for a guy like Deadshot who has been taking some losses as of late, this is a time where you want to see some real heroics and redemption.

For a rescue mission with this urgency, it was fitting that from the very start of this issue they jumped straight into the fray. That is the kind of pacing and intensity I can get behind from this book. Especially when Deadshot struggles between the no mercy mindset he is in, and the rules he has to follow if he wants Batman’s help. Overall this is a rare side to Deadshot to find him in and they did not squander the opportunity to show what happens when he gets serious. For a guy like Deadshot, it was nothing short of impress how he worked around the rules to still do what he does best. Getting a bit of Zoe during her time locked up, I would say this was probably my first exposure to who she is. Unless you are deep into the Batman corner of the DC Universe, then likely you only really know Zoe by description or picture. Nothing more or less about her personality or feelings about her father. Seeing the mindset he has left her with was engaging since no matter how this ends, it won’t exactly be the reunion Deadshot hopes for.

The cool thing about the involvement of Batman is the way these two interact. Of course you would have the leash that Batman puts on Deadshot, but that wasn’t what you focused on primarily. If anything it was the comparisons and contrasts drawn between the two and how they get the job done. They addressed something key about Batman’s methods that even I tend to question. From both perspectives you could understand why they do the things they do as well.

This team of Harley, Boomerang, and Captain Cold is not at all what you would have considered when thinking of who would best detain Deadshot and Batman. Captain Cold in particular who is not someone you expect to work well with teams that are not his rogues. He changes the dynamic for being someone sane. When you strip the team of the talking and jokes, all you have is death to worry about which he has no problem with. Now with that said, one still has to wonder what will happen once they reach Deadshot and Batman. We know the Suicide Squad has no problem with taking out the Bats, but that doesn’t mean they might be willing to turn on their own, brain bombs or not.

For this issue, the appeal in the artwork lied in the action. The quality of the pencils and colors were to be expected, so it really came down to the few things that stood out visually. I enjoyed how fluent the action sequences flowed from one panel into the next. A great use of space as well to capture a lot going on in a short amount of time. It also goes without saying that the detail that went into these serpentine was impressive for how Jose Luis gets every scale and wrinkle that makes them look reptilian. The inks from Jordi Tarragona made a big difference as well considering the need to pull off those features and more through shadows and varying thickness of the outlines. Aside from this, Adriano Lucas nailed every texture and range of the colors he used to make the artwork pop. He nailed the organic greens for the serpentine in particular.

Suicide Squad #42 was both action-packed and engaging for the second chapter of this story arc. This issue added satisfying depth to the team-ups and where they could go right or wrong. The anticipation still stands to see how far Deadshot will be willing to go in order to save Zoe, and how these other forces will challenge him.

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