Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #43


The anticipation is going strong to see how far Deadshot is willing to go in order to save Zoe, and how these other forces will challenge him. Working with the Dark Knight is no simple task, especially when you are someone who prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. So far it has been fun seeing how Deadshot works around those rules, even when that is still at the dissatisfaction of the Dark Knight.

I like that this issue continues to further push the boundaries of this team-up as well. They both know what this is, what it can only be, but here they are working together for the same outcome. There is one thing you always admire about Deadshot, and that’s his self-awareness even during a situation like this. Now despite any understanding the two have about each other, this wouldn’t be a fun team-up without the tensions between them or the banter. Batman on mutual terms with anyone that he would call an enemy is fun considering the mockery of what he stands for. I can’t help but always side with the villains who point out how brutal he can be despite saying no fatalities, and the way Batman will say no fatalities and not be willing to do what it takes to get out of a life or death situation. No one is invincible and it is an unrealistic expectation for everyone to think that they are the Goddamn Batman. That is what make any dynamic with him entertaining at the end of the day.

Getting back to the lengths that Deadshot is willing to go to save his girl, you also couldn’t ignore with what was constant teasing about her fate. He was going to inevitably cross a line at some point, so the question was what would drive him to that point and what followed after that reaction. Where this team-up was met with escalation was executed very well through both dialogue and action. Being Suicide Squad, it couldn’t be helped to be team Deadshot for what was at stake. This is probably the first time he has ever to some extent felt in control in some issues now, so the change of pace was welcomed.

Through this issue, the Suicide Squad finally spring into action, and that is where the real fight would of course begin. This is them being forced to take down one of their own, and kill Batman at the same time. Just about anything could happen, and you knew at least one of the three would pull no punches considering he was personally chosen by Waller to keep the mission on track. This new obstacle overall turned up the urgency when time is drawing that much shorter for Zoe.

Normally I might argue with there being two artists splitting the work for an issue, but this time was one of those rare occasions. Most times you would care if there was a drastic difference in quality between both artists, but both were excellent choices in their own right. Of course I would personally lean towards Hugo for the clean-cut style of his pencils, but that didn’t mean you would overlook Philippe for the gritty approach that matched the tension growing between Batman and Deadshot as they took on the serpents. The wall to wall facial expressions were something that stood out in the second half and that was a perfect match to everything that was madness about this rescue. Regardless of which artist was doing what, Hi-Fi produced astonishing work as usual. There is no expectation from a color artist who can breathe life and energy into any situation. Everything about this action-packed issue popped because he held nothing back between the intensity of the colors and power in the effects made to stand out.

The plot continues to thicken through the events of Suicide Squad #43. Batman and Deadshot don’t see eye to eye about a lot of things, but these past two issues have been perfect for addressing what it means to put everything on the line for someone you care for most. Motivations were challenged, lines were crossed, and tensions reached a boiling point when there’s so much to lose on all sides of this board.

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