Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #45


Its new story arc time for these villainous misfits. Now that we’ve had our personal adventure for a single Suicide Squad member, the next would of course have had to involve the rest of the team. When every new mission also challenges the team in a way that they haven’t been before, invading Altantis seems like the best step forward to take that’s bold. Obviously there is the troubling worry of what you need to be up to date on from the Aquaman series, so bold could be problematic if not handled correctly.

Being accustomed to the way Rob Williams has scripted Suicide Squad, I was not surprised that he was able to ease us into this story quickly to update us on the current situation with Atlantis. It was a surprise to me that this was even a thing that the underwater kingdom had risen to the surface. Risen could mean a lot of things, though the thought that it literally rose to the surface catches you off guard. The events of Dark Nights: Metal really shook things up across the board. So knowing this, I wasn’t surprised either that Waller would have the Suicide Squad act against this rise in power on the surface world. The argument in Washington over this development I felt was a bit cliche, but the honest truth is that there are those who won’t be bothered by where Atlantis now stands, and those who simply see another enemy that they need to throw missiles at.

Considering the linear storyline of Suicide Squad, I like that there was still the question of how this team moved forward. Croc is still emotionally/mentally recovering the loss of Enchantress, Enchantress is lost, and as seen in the cover there was two more who we would not be seeing on this mission. I’m not going to lie, the current mindset of Croc is quite depressing. Up until now, I would have forgotten that emotional moment, and those feelings came flooding in quick. The two new members for this mission were interesting since this time around they were specifically chosen for the power they had to help. Refreshing from throwing in the next big popular villain who may or may not be around for the next mission to your disappointment.

The mission itself went how you pictured it from a structured point of view, but it was the shake-up where things got interesting. What you always come to expect is that things will not go as planned, and what we braced for was how. The answer to that was pretty crazy, and not what you would think of Waller to sign up for.

Now when it came to this second objective for the team while in Atlantis, I like how that is something for us to figure out later on. It was a quick tease on how Waller plans to kick it off because the person she chose this time around isn’t even aware of the part they have to play when that time comes. Maybe an implanted suggestion? Memory scramble? I don’t know, but that’s something to definitely anticipate down the road. Until then, it was also out of necessity to address the mindset of Waller going into this mission. There was a conversation we didn’t see, and it makes you wonder how serious she is taking the success of this mission, or if she really cares about that in contrast to her own goals.

Jose Luis, Jordi Tarragona, and Adriano Lucas was a stunning team to put together. Jose Luis as usual is a detailed penciler who captures everything between the uniqueness of the Squad’s underwater suits, the extraordinary scenery of Atlantis, and how distinguished the royalty looks in this kingdom. There was nothing he ignored to perspective either. Things like textures, scales, bubbles, structure designs, he took the time to get into all of that which only added to the visual engagement. Jordi Tarragona of course was very necessary on inks when you need a heavy emphasis on shadows, depth, and lighting since this is all taking place where there is no proper light source. Focusing on the scenery of Atlantis alone, that was a beautiful creation for this art team. And it could only be brought to life through the colors of Adriano Lucas. This isn’t the first issue he has done either that involved the world below the sea. In every way he displayed the elegance of this kingdom from the wildlife, to the way he colors water, to the way the royalty color coordinates to aquatic themes.

‘Sink Atlantis’ is a story arc that introduces a mission that’s right up the alley of Task Force X. You look for the kind of mission that they are meant to be doing, and this was the answer. One where they face a superpower, and at worst they are used to deny any involvement of the US government. Not to mention you have the moments where they show again that they aren’t your average villains who act without second-guessing the why. Suicide Squad #45 is a great point to jump back into the action without needing to read Aquaman or have read Dark Nights: Metal. A big plus if you ask me.

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