Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #47


After the Suicide Squad’s adventure in Atlantis, it wasn’t hard to believe that the next issue would take a step back for something a bit different before jumping back into the next story. As far as side stories go, I like that a chance was taken on Captain Boomerang of all villains. He clearly wasn’t fit as someone to send into a place like Atlantis, so you could only have wondered what Waller decided to use him for instead.

I was quite shocked about this development for Captain Boomerang actually. If there’s one thing that’s always true about the guy, it’s that he only looks out for himself. So where in the world did he find it in himself at some point in his life to become the Agent of Oz? And who in the world would genuinely trust this guy with such a distinction to work in service of Australia? While those questions gnaw at you, there was nothing but humor when it came down to the guy catching up with his old friend. It looked like Williams had a blast being able to put two Aussies in the same room to interact with each other. Their way of communicating is interesting, and not just that, it is refreshing since there is actually someone who is able to talk to Digger as if there was something to respect about him.

Knowing that someone’s planted nukes all across Australia, and it’s up to Boomerang to hunt them down with an old friend was one thing. It was another thing entirely when you know the kind of guy that Boomerang is and sit there waiting for when things would go south for the guy, because everything goes south eventually for him. When that moment came, they did not disappoint in execution. I’m sure that some would love a time where you can take him seriously, but clearly that day is not today.

While Captain Boomerang is naturally a villain that you wouldn’t take seriously, I enjoyed the effort that went into acknowledging why he isn’t one to be underestimated. The only real difference between someone like Boomerang and Deadshot is that Boomerang is the least professional marksman you could depend on, and he of course uses boomerangs instead of bullets. It’s that kind of character writing that we love most about this run of Suicide Squad. There’s much more to these characters than simply being villains, and it was about time that we saw that for the Aussie. It also made a big difference to shock us with the revelation of who this person behind the nukes actually was. It was hard to argue with the choice in identity when Digger is the kind of guy who would do things and not remember.

The artwork for this issue was very enjoyable. It was the right touch when it came to capturing the rouge-ish theme to this story. When I say rouge-ish, I mean striking that balance between the seriousness of the mission, while also having the goofiness of Boomerang himself. Every expression from this guy was brilliant. It was either over the top because he wasn’t excited for the right reasons, or dead because he just wasn’t caring as much as he should have. Part of the appeal for me was also seeing that there is actually more to Boomerang than his, well boomerangs. Capturing his feats of agility and combat sense was important. Not to mention having a little fun by showing what he can do with some unorthodox styled boomerangs. That aside, the colors were great, and it made all the difference to hit the explosions the way they did with strong warm colors and overlay. It was a lot, but it was never too much.

I honestly don’t know how to sum up my feelings about Suicide Squad #47. If you were looking for Captain Boomerang shenanigans, then that is what you got. Now if you weren’t also looking for a strong character exploration, then this was also a treat. We got down to the very foundation of what makes this bloke tick. The things that made him despicable, and the things that make him somewhat redeemable. You couldn’t have asked for a better version of him than what was delivered here.

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