Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #48


New story arc time for Task Force X! A new story arc means a whole new set of problems that throw this team well outside of their comfort zone. The annul issue was nice for the Boomerang-centric story that we got about his work with the Australian government, but its nice to be back to a story involving the team as a whole. Especially when you have been anticipating the twist that this time around it is Waller who suffers.

This new situation for Waller wouldn’t be a first for her, and certainly won’t be her last, but there was something exciting about someone getting one over on her. Awakening in prison, brain bomb implanted in her head in an ironic twist, and the only people to rescue her are those she has already consistently screwed over up to this point. Quite the hole to crawl yourself out of, isn’t it? The most thrilling situation you can create is when someone else is in control, because that person has to be motivated by something personal that she has done. That shroud of mystery was great since there is a whole list of people who could have been behind this from just this run of Suicide Squad alone. Especially when considering where this prison was. That I did not see coming since the only place you ever expect to revisit twice in a book like Suicide Squad is Belle Reve. The voice as well that they have given to this person was nice and simple enough to keep you guessing. Keeping the tone set to one feeling and font was a wise choice when the game-changer will be the exact moment when the person orchestrating this trial is reveal.

Catching up with the rest of Task Force X, I was caught off guard by what they would go through on their end. The reveal of this setting was big for me, but it was another thing for them. This was a place where they all experienced something that changed them for the best or for the worst. I only wish I could get into that without spoiler, so the best we can get out of them is speaking of the inevitable interaction between Harley and Flag. That was more explosive than I imagined. They did not pull punches with things they had to say to each other.

How they set this up for Rick Flag was interesting since I really did think we were done with the guy after he left. At this point I do think that Rob Williams has a soft spot for him, and I can’t argue with the reason why. Rick may not be a villain, but he has his flaws like the rest of them. The only problem of course is that for him these things are manufactured. Understanding what it means to cross the line for the sake of control is where Flag fits into this puzzle, and so far the results have been satisfying. Particularly with the role he has to play here when the Task Force X mastermind might be responsible for those very teammates’ deaths.

The art team of Diogenes Miguel das Neves, Scot Hanna, and Gabe Eltaeb worked very well for this new arc. Diego in particular I’m glad that they kept because his drawing style is very fitting for an action story. Better yet he is able to do action very well while balancing some key emotional moments for these characters. For this issue in particular it made a big difference to show some of the members of Task Force X dealing with things that have been carried over from previous stories. It was a big transition to open things up to their actions matching their personalities, and then the response written on their faces when facing the place where Waller is being kept. There was anger, frustration, pain, plenty of things that would only make a bad situation for them worse. That aside, the color work was very good. Eltaeb’s colors were bold, they had depth, and they made this mission lively. I liked that this was another colors it who could handle underwater scenes very well. Water whether in the form of rain or a body of water had a stunning application of cold colors. It also goes without saying that there was a lot of lettering work going on with this issue that I liked. It really popped and made a big difference when certain tones and key phrases stood out to properly capture genuine feelings expressed.

Suicide Squad #48 starts us off with a bold new direction for the team. Williams loves putting this team through the ringer, and has no problem making sure that everyone faces some obstacle directly or indirectly. “Rocket to Russia” will be a memorable story depending on the choices and reveals to be made as it continues.

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