Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #50


It was a tough pill to swallow knowing that this is the end of Suicide Squad for Rob Williams and the many talented artists who have rotated throughout the entirety of this run. It goes without saying that this has been one of my favorite runs because every opportunity has been taken up to this point to show that these characters and villains are more than what they seem on the surface. Not your average villains, and not your average psychopaths. Definitely more than your average team of obscurities who somehow tend to manage surviving the impossible.

Being both the finale to the series and story arc, it was fitting that space could be given for us to finally understand the situation of these soldiers who have been long since assumed dead. For the way that their story has been told, you had to wonder how on Earth they really survived that explosion to find their way to the Temho Me4ta prison. Their story was fairly straight to the point, and had a solid narration which summed up their state of mind going into this plan of vengeance.

Back to the current battle, it was one heck of a twist to turn Waller into their puppet. Almost knocking out two birds with one stone. It was a fitting development considering Waller isn’t someone who likes to be used, and at best for them the Suicide Squad could kill her. For this stretch of the confrontation, I enjoyed that it would conveniently be Harley Quinn and Rick Flag working together in contrast to anyone else. I wouldn’t say it is because of any hope that there would be a spark between them, but because these two are able to have normal conversations with each other. At a time like this, sometimes you want to get down to business. Which means cutting the middleman that is the jokes. It goes without saying that Harley tends to stand out more than the rest of the team, but most of her shining moments were hard to argue with when she genuinely is not always in a psycho state of mind. When she wants to be serious, she can be the most engaging character to invest in.

There was some strong character moments to take from this final team-up as well. Till the bitter end this creative team proved that this wasn’t the team to underestimate with the right motivation. At times like this, the best writing also tends to come from what they are willing to do without the influence of the brain bombs. Who even convinced these guys to make a final stand was bold, and yet at the same time perfect considering this member has a tendency to catch you off guard with logic over insanity.

My only disappointment was in the fact that there wasn’t too much conclusion to the series. The story arc came to a solid end, but there wasn’t enough at the end to make you say “This is the culmination of everything these villains have experienced”. A missed opportunity if you ask me to show some pay-off for the way that they rose to the occasion.

As the final issue, it was a treat that we could enjoy the artwork of German Peralta, Brent Schoonover, Will Conrad, and Gabe Eltaeb. Normally it would be risky to have three artists handling the interior artwork like this, but all three pencilers put in quality work from start to finish. The pencil work was good enough that you were never immediately distracted by the change in style. It helped that Eltaeb’s colors created some sense of consistency from artist to artist. It would be a different story if he was adjusting his coloring style for each artist. Then you would have probably found some areas where you might be taken out of the story. With that said, the action for this last stretch was thrilling for the way that the team found it within themselves to spring into action with the odds stacked against them. A lot of their actions were either direct or thinking outside the box, but from a visual standpoint popped because of the various perspectives taken from panel to panel. The overlapping, splash pages, and other effects kept every flip of the page engaging.

With this week’s fiftieth issue of Suicide Squad, once again we reach the end of this book. At this point I’m almost convinced that there must always be a Suicide Squad for DC. So while this is the finale, you do have it in the back of your head that there is always a chance for more. Just with a different creative team. With that said, Suicide Squad #50 was an exciting end to this last mission. There was action, there was heart, and there was all the madness that these pages could contain for a day in the life of Task Force X.

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