Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #9


The last issue of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad was quite shocking. We’re all familiar with the older iterations of the Suicide Squad, but never this team that we only now found out secretly existed at some point. This changes everything about the lengths Amanda Waller would go for control and to have that team that can get the job done without failure.

With Suicide Squad #9 being a tie-in to Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, it only made sense that this issue would dig deeper into that reveal. The same way last week’s issue of Justice League explored just what put Max Lord in Amanda Waller’s crosshairs. Here we got to discover the true history behind this team and what must have happened for this team to fail. Well not just fail, but feel so vengeful afterwards in a way that the current Suicide Squad can’t match. This team was made up of some hard-hitters. Just having the main man Lobo himself on the team said enough about Waller’s ambitions. The rest only magnified what was already distasteful about her at this early stage.

The similarities this team has to what we know to be the Suicide Squad is what grabs your attention most. Your main question going into this story had to be wondering just how Waller could get all these powerful villains to do as she said. This creative team answered this and much more as we got to know the state of mind of these villains going into these missions. The way they interacted with each other, and the way they reacted to Waller’s commands. When things went wrong, you could understand the truth to the choice Amanda Waller made without forethought. Clearly something must have gone very wrong for Waller to decide that bombs in the neck were the most effective way of control. If anything didn’t make sense to us from the very start, it was why this group didn’t have those bombs implanted. It seemed that nagging thought had relevance to it when the moment came for us to see the big picture in what’s unfolding currently.

Riley Rossmo was an interesting choice for this tie-in issue. A style that feels familiar though regardless fitting. The way Rossmo draws this issue looks like a legitimate comic he incorporates. When I say this I mean applying those distinguishing features such as the dots which make up the shading. Gives the interior a classic look to it. Again fitting because we are looking at a team that must have been formed quite some time ago. Not to mention technically this entire issue is one big flashback. So at the same time the dynamic between Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia on colors worked for the fact that his colors were also that which reflected a flashback. A strong selection of colors when necessary, but overall having that faded appearance consistent throughout. Visually from this art team the joy we got was from seeing these villains in action. Nothing like what we get from our current team. This is what happens when the leash is short and the inhumanity runs high. There has to be some limit to what you’re willing to unleash upon the world and Waller witnessed that the hard way.

By the end of Suicide Squad #9 you do struggle finding reason to side with Waller knowing this harsh truth. Maybe this is why she concocted this risky plan to somehow ask the Justice League for help, but you certainly want to see what happens when she faces something she failed to cover up.

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