Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1


Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1Of all the books to come since those before Rebirth ended, Suicide Squad is the one I have personally looked forward to most. This is a team book that almost always delivers in the excitement of having different dynamics between villains and the just the fact that this is consistently villains written right. Now like some other titles before the relaunch, it was a short gap between ending and starting back up again. So this is a big adjustment we are going through in a short amount of time.

The questions you have are if this title will still have the same tone in Rebirth, if it will turn the character in a different direction completely, or if it will even take advantage of things set up from runs previous.

From the minute this Rebirth issue starts you warm up to the approach this creative team is taking with Suicide Squad. First of all as everyone has seen from the previews, we now have gotten back to a more heavy-set Amanda Waller. Anyone could argue that for the sake of consistency we should just stay with her current physique, but truthfully this is the Waller we all came to know and love first. One who has both the attitude and the look to back it up. Secondly we have a higher authority challenging what Task Force X is. Batman, governments, and others of the sort can say all they want, but the president is as hard as they come when trying to shut Waller down. That scene went exactly how you would picture it and gets you excited for what comes next. Good thing is that off the bat this creative team as well shows that they understand the importance of ALL the characters, not just Harley Quinn.

Most importantly, what this issue reminds you is that Waller is the same manipulative monster who knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get what she wants.

Something a lot of fans will appreciate is the fact that Rick Flag is coming back into the picture. One of America’s greatest military commanders before he was banished to a secret military prison. And that is truly most even I would have remembered of him up to this point which is what makes him the best decision to bring back. He is someone older fans can get hyped for, new fans get to know who he is for not only what comes next but what comes in the movie, then you have him as a wild card when having to deal with this new selection of members of the team. That last part we don’t entirely see, but it was interesting enough seeing the way he feels about this job. That will have to be further explored down the road.

The introduction to the team was refreshing as it should be for a Rebirth issue. New reader friendly in the way they get all the important things you need to know about those like Boomerang, Harley and Deadshot. As the stars of the team it was even smart to establish that as well. Their personalities and mindset were on point, even if you are seeing that clearly they aren’t too caring anymore about the things they do that is wrong. The mission we follow them on was everything you expected from this creative team, and most of all Rob Williams who knows how to get into the gritty when it comes to these kinds of characters. So it was no surprise what happened during this mission, yet it was a good surprise if not only because we got to really see how cringeworthy a mission can get when they’re backed against a wall.

The art team for the Rebirth issue came with the atmosphere a book like this needs to get into the action and doom that follows this team everywhere they go. This isn’t going to be the art team for the actual ongoing, but for this issue they did just great. Very detailed penciling that you appreciate for the work that went into rendering both the characters and the environments around them. As stated before the fact that we are seeing a more heavy-set Waller was the biggest plus. Then the creativity that goes into the changes in Harley, Boomerang, and Deadshot’s costumes stood out for how it stayed true to their style. Longer hair doesn’t look bad for Booomerang. Harley strikes a good balance between her usual style, that you get from her solo story, and bit retro which really works for her. Especially the headset, makes you kind of wish the movie version were creative enough for this. Then you have Deadshot’s suit which the best word to use would be sharp to describe how the metal parts were drawn. Though most important of all is that the art team got into how messy things can and should get for them. The things they would have to do to get the job done. The loss, the blood and all.

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 eases any concern you may have about at least Rob Williams taking over as writer for the Rebirth relaunch. As for Jim Lee and Scott Williams, we’ll just have to wait and see when the actual issue #1 comes out later this month. All in all this is Suicide Squad. They know what we want out of these characters, the kind of violence we should get out of them, and the possibilities for story development we can get out of them too.

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