Comic Book Review: Sunstone Volume 2


Sunstone Vol 2There is much to love about Sunstone going into this second volume. The first volume took us straight into the story of Lisa and Allison and what led to this lifestyle they chose to live together. Just as you’d expect this series is in fact classy, sexy, fun, and emotional. Though just as you find all of this in Sunstone, you still get that respectable conveying of what makes BDSM something beautiful to those who take part in it. You go through this and feel like anyone can read this without feeling uncomfortable. If you didn’t know somethings about this lifestyle, without a doubt there is something new that you’d learn from this.

The second volume of Sunstone takes a more personal approach. One that you appreciate when there is a lot more to these characters to explore. And not only for us to explore, but them to explore about each other. How they met left no room for that kind of development between them, so Sejic dedicating time for us to see that was important. Not only this but it means a lot more the way that opening up came to be. There may not have been much to Lisa story that we didn’t get from the first volume, though there was much to be said on Allison’s end. It seems to be that through her is where we find more informative discussion about what it means to be into BDSM. The culture of it, investment into any given night between any two doms or subs. How that relationship can go right, or how it can go wrong. That emphasis on trust was stressed a lot and is something you can’t overlook when getting into sexual acts which involve giving your body to such forms of punishment/pleasure. It was natural, genuine, and even then still left room to go back to their pasts as the story progresses.

It was a real tear-jerk the way Sejic showed how bondage can go wrong. It can go wrong and it will at any point when not handled safely. Seeing how recklessness can backfire was quite the mood changer. That was the point where you could see that trust only goes so far as the person you’re involved with.

What is worth pointing out is again how fun this series can be. Sunstone doesn’t take itself too seriously, and knows when it should. No matter how much time is devoted to their sexual lives, just as much time is shown with Lisa, Allison, Alan and others just being normal people. Normal people with qwerks, scars, flaws and all. That is a balance which should continue to be seen to keep us feeling engaged.

The only problem that could possibly be found in this volume were just a few mistypes here and there that were not caught by the editor.

The artwork as usual was stunning. Sejic knows how to show off his creative side. A side which is just as important when it comes to bondage. From what they wear to what they use is captured in a light which creates a level of understanding necessary when seeing the intimacy from Lisa and Allison’s perspective. Something that stands out in this volume more than the last is how you have the transitioning styles from something more comic-like to something more realistic. And how Sejic does this is clever because while you could wonder why everything is not shown in that high quality, you also come to that realization that is everything looked that beautiful throughout, you’d miss those moments that are meant to truly catch your attention. That style makes a lot of moments picture perfect and that is what makes this series memorable. He knows what parts of this should sear int your brain. Aside from this you simply enjoy the range of emotion felt from silliness, to anger, frustration, lust, and terror. These are the things that remind you of the people behind the latex and masks.

Sunstone Volume 2 is worth reading for every reason you picked up the first volume plus more. Digging into the personal lives of these characters has added layers which does way more for us than you’d imagine. Trust is a big part of their lives and pushing that button made it all the while what they experience when having to confront it head on. To question it and challenge it from here is what will take them the distance.

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The story keeps getting better as digging into the personal lives and pasts of our main characters and growing cast brings out an appealing range of emotions within the story and art.

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