Comic Book Review: Super Sons #11


With the start of “Super Sons of Tomorrow”, the Super Sons have taken a bit step into legitimacy. Robin and Superboy have a stronger bond through some challenging obstacles, and better yet they have their very own headquarters gifted by both Superman and Batman. The big question from there was where we go now with these two. Will it be big like their engagement with the other Kraklow? Or something a bit more contained?

As I stated about the issue before, a few things did throw me for a loop. However, one stuck out more than the others which involved a scene from the future that is both familiar and unclear of what it does for the story currently. Until now that is. That scene was familiar because it isn’t the first time we were randomly taken back in time to see what the future of Metropolis looks like for the Batman of Tomorrow. I always wondered when I first saw that future if it was really a possible point in time or something just thrown in to mess with readers. Super Sons as a series apparently created the right opportunity to finally jump into the story of this Batman of Tomorrow and not a moment too late.

Catching up with the Super Sons, some things never change between the two and that keeps them entertaining. Robin on one hand trying to live it up as the top dog of the little fish, and Superboy giving his best to fit into that picture. For Damian, his interactions with the Titans are fun because he holds the role of leadership, yet doesn’t have the full respect that comes with it. Pretty much the same old when he thinks he’s taking charge. As for Jon, he was the point of interest here when this issue actually shows something that makes him unique from Clark as a Kryptonian (half). This development quickly made you re-evaluate the situation. Who is protecting who, and from who?

I will give them credit for the fact that even though this was the Batman of Tomorrow with a connection to Damian, they did manage to catch me off guard with who that actually was. Of course this would have been something addressed in another Batman book, but for me it was admittedly forgotten. Better than this was seeing that there is even more to the situation than the who and when. The answer to what caused that destruction was a surprise, as well as the other party involved in this.

With this issue of Super Sons we have a brand new art team as well. For the most part this was a quality team they changed to. The most notable difference was a stronger use of inks, and sharper pencils. That and Gabe Eltaeb’s colors are more toned down than the colorist before. All of this allowed for a lot more that went on from panel to panel between characters and settings. There was a fair amount of overlapping going on, though it worked for making key moments pop out. Especially when these pages are packed with panels. My only criticism was the display of Superboy’s new power. We know its powerful, but it was almost impossible to tell exactly what was happening in the moment. When handling that sort of explosiveness, you have to be clear about shape, form, and direction. The execution would have worked better if it was less stylized.

Super Sons #11 took a creative approach with the next plot for these kids. They could be doing a lot of things, but the bar keeps raising for them dealing with extraordinary situations. This thing with the Batman of Tomorrow was a long time coming and I’m glad this nook was the one they chose to finally get around to him.

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