Comic Book Review: Super Sons Annual #1


***Some spoilers below***

Milestones are a big deal for books like Super Sons. These aren’t the big books starring Batman or Superman, just their kids. So off the bat you know it is an effort with each passing week to grab a fanbase and hold on to them tight. So far it seems that Super Sons has done just that, and held on long enough to hit this achievement. It couldn’t have come at a better time since we are right at the start of a new story arc. You always want to avoid stepping back from a story during or near the end.

For Super Sons Annual #1, this was a story to instantly jump for because it is the ‘Super-Pets Unleashed’. It only makes sense that eventually we could throw in the pets as well. Krypto in a book like this was a long time coming, though adding in Titus? Now that is double the treat. I will admit however that this is the first time I have seen Titus. Hopefully there are some out there shocked like me that Batman got a dog to give Damian of all people. Of course you have to question where these pets have been all this time to pop up so suddenly, but those questions only ruin the fun when you are glad that they still do exist in general. You at least get an understanding of what life is like for Krypto which made sense.

What I like most about this annual issue is that on the surface you anticipated this for the interaction between the Super Sons and their pets, but this became much more when you are following the pets themselves engaging with one another. This is a once in a while opportunity to explore this corner of the DC Universe no matter how silly things can get. While I didn’t know of Titus, I was even more surprised when it came to the team as a whole that had a few other interesting members. I mean Clay Critter? Luckily they found the room to also address what happened the last time that the Super-Pets got together. It was a quick series of panels, full of enough context to show you exactly how things started and ended. That was actually where I felt the most appreciation for this art team. It takes work to be able to create full conversations between animals. At a point it all comes down to facial expressions and body language, which they handled marvelously.

I will say that it was Streaky I enjoyed most. When I was first introduced to the Super-Pets some years ago, it was without a doubt Streaky who brought about all the fun. Though in that cartoon she like the rest of the pets actually talked and was a he instead of a she. Which brings me to the next point, that it was a bold choice to create that language barrier between us and the pets. Does it take away from your ability to connect with them? Only if you can’t read how your own pet might react to you when you are trying to communicate.

Confronting their enemy here was swift and to the point. Its pretty interesting to see animals in action who for the most part have powers. Especially a bird with the power to stretch and change the shape of its body. Flexi looked like the one that this art team had the most fun with breathing life into.

Super Sons Annual #1 is as advertised and much more. These pets steal the spotlight and engage you on a whole different level through emotion and action. They had their mission and it took us to places you didn’t think we would get to in Super Sons of all books. This was one of those times as well where it was more important to let the artwork tell the story. A great example of how stories can grab you without too much reliance on actual words. Not a bad way to use an annual since you don’t want to create too much of a distraction from what the boys are up to currently.

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