Comic Book Review: Superior Iron Man #5


Superior Iron Man #5After all this time that Teen Abomination has been with Tony since trying to kill him, there has been a big shroud of mystery surrounding just who this thirteen year old is. Who his parents are, how he came about being Teen Abomination, and just how he has been staying with Tony all this time if he did have parents. All of which is answered in this issue of Superior Iron Man and more.

This issue could have easily fell to something as simple as filler, but Tom Taylor turned this new character into much more. You would have never expected the answers we get when finding out how Tony’s actions of the past come back to hurt him in the present, and in a way that even shakes him up a bit. Shaking him up in a way that catches he and us off guard considering the cold-hearted individual he has become since the inversion. Even an inverted Tony can feel some sense of responsibility for the actions of his past when it affects someone who is connected to those he cared about. Enough so to start to take seriously his promise to fix Teen Abomination because what he admitted were his true intentions could have turned into a legitimate WTF moment. We all know he wouldn’t really be allowed to go that far, though you do believe that this Tony Stark is capable of such inhumane actions. Even if doing something like what he described to a thirteen year old in a monster’s body.

With that said, Tom Taylor hits you with the feels as you realize just how tragic Teen Abomination’s story is. One which makes sense when you clearly see what he has become. That isn’t to say the solution for fixing Teen Abomination’s condition is as simple as those of the like.

The twist at the end definitely one which raises your aye-brow as well because this is not the Tony you want to mess with. When he sees something wrong, he’s going to tackle that situation by some unconventional means. And for whoever stole this day from Tony, they probably want to run. Just a testament to how far Tom Taylor has taken this side to Tony Stark who has proved to be much more than just a shadow of his former self-centered personality.

As usual the interior artwork is stunning, in part thanks to Laura Braga. Not a detail missed when it comes to character structure, or capturing the monstrous nature of Teen Abomination. In fact it was nice to see how he looked in human form compared to what he had become. Just as good to see who is mother is as well. The way Tony is drawn you enjoy as well because he looks more than just being stuck up in his ways. You see a little bit of sincerity in his expression mixed with true curiosity that doesn’t come off mad scientist-like. That is to say up to mysteries of that day bringing out that dark expression which sets this Tony apart from other sides to him we have seen before. Aside from this the colors also shine in this issue. The variation of strengths used for them as well. From the advancement of Tony’s lab(screens, machinery) gray tones/lights in his armor, to the destructive nature surrounding Teen Abomination’s tragic story.

A solid issue of Superior Iron Man that you enjoy because it is more than filler. Teen Abomination has been given value as a character we should want to care for. And his past sets up another for Tony as there was more to Teen Abomination’s story than just what happened to him in that lab. What Tony did that day as well is what is up for exploration as well. Something worth anticipating in coming weeks.

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Excellent origin story for Teen Abomination which makes you really care for his future in this series.

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