Comic Book Review: Superior Iron Man #6


Superior Iron Man #6What we loved about this inverted Tony who now roams freely in the Marvel Universe is the fact that he is a dick again, and more than ever. Up to this point it as been subtle evil deeds here and there that you’d expect from someone who is this driven to make a quick buck at everyone elses expense. Though with Superior Iron Man #6 Tony takes things a step further where you could actually call him a villain.

Just another reason why Tom Taylor is the best guy for a title like Superior Iron Man. You need someone who can constantly walk that moral event horizon with a Tony carrying this twisted morality. That is what we get here as time and time again Tony is challenged to see just how far he will go to create that image of the world which he finds perfect. It’s his methods in how he goes about this in Superior Iron Man #6 that stands out most. Tony has at this moment in time become the symbol of vanity. Pretty much everything wrong and that could go wrong with a Tony who takes advantage of not only his status as an Avenger, but the trust of the people he protected time and time again. Even to do what he did at the very beginning was just as Trish called it, immoral and sick. You just don’t get any more manipulative as Tony has become about creating war without means to be blamed.

It has been teased for some time now that there was going to be a conflict between Tony and Pepper over his recent actions. You just didn’t expect that this would all happen so soon. While everyone is awaiting the return of Rescue, this is also a side of Pepper Potts that we have all been waiting to see. She has reached that point where she can stand against Tony on equal footing as a successful businesswoman. It was only a bit sad to see the lack of expression from Pepper when finding out she is a stepmother. That is the only reactions from everything which happens in this issue that you may find lacking.

As great as the story has been so far, the interior artwork is just as deserving of recognition to grab your attention with the flip of a page. Laura Braga continues to set herself apart from the previous art style take with the series as she misses no detail between character structure and environmental structure. The facial expressions are on point, down to the wrinkles of frustration, happiness or surprise. The way she captured the boardroom and cityscape as well stands out. Something which is in part due to the colors as it is the highlights from the sun which gives much of what we see not only depth, but a spark of energy needed when this isn’t one of those issues where the action was necessary to hold your attention. The elevator scene above all is the best when it toys with the tone of the story which got intense very fast.

Big things are coming in Superior Iron Man as another force is willing and able to take the fight to Tony in order to protect the world from what ways he would take advantage of their trust. A nice guy no more, you pick up Superior Iron Man and every issue after this to see a Tony Stark you will love to hate when all is said and done.

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Solid issue which explores the darker side of Tony in his pursuit of a world in his image.

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