Comic Book Review: Superior Iron Man #7


Superior Iron Man #7The showdown continues as Tony is finally confronted by two forces that know him almost better than himself. Though too bad they don’t know this Tony is still inverted from the Axis event. They do however know enough that the Tony standing before them is not the same guy they trusted to be a hero. Which brings us the yet another clash which shows just how far this Tony will go to have his way.

What is most impressive about this issue is seeing just how far ahead Tony thinks when it comes to preparing for possible threats. Even if that threat is himself. This issue challenges much of what you believe is right and wrong about Tony. You could see where both sides are coming from with how they deal with each other, though at the same time you are aware of who has the better intentions in the long run. What catches you off guard is the explanation the Tony of now gives for his actions and how this series starts to tie into what is going on with the upcoming Secret Wars event. It conflicts with the villain you want to see Tony for and that is great because it reminds you of the constant we have been seeing in New Avengers which is where they will drawn the line in what must be done to save the Earth.

The evil monologue from Tony is what made this issue pop. A lot more exciting when you put Tony in that position where all he can do is really talk. That is what he’s good at and Tom Taylor takes full advantage of the opportunity he is given. You pretty much know how this issue will end, but you appreciate everything leading up to that end. To see the Superior Iron Man standing above because he is not like any other version of Tony seen as of yet. It’s the suspense pretty much that keeps you drawn in from start to finish.

With that said, this issue is also a testament to how far Pepper has come along that she could pose this much of a threat to Tony. This AI would never have come this close to being a match if it wasn’t for someone who was smart enough to form a plan which would catch him off guard.

Its been a while since we’ve seen a good old fashion battle of armors. Superior Iron Man was much more exciting for it when there is a lot more to this new suit that we haven’t seen considering this one is more symbiotic. Much of it that is distinguishing compared to this earlier suit that is a bit simplistic, upgrades aside. Even just seeing how the AI imagines itself as Tony at that point in time from hair style down to the clothes he wore was something which stood out. Though as usual what you might like most is the visual representation of Tony that follows as he does a lot of talking. That look of a man who is full of himself says a lot when finding himself pushed into a corner.

This issue takes us that much closer to the hopeful fight between Pepper and Tony that these teased covers foreshadow. If Tony wasn’t motivated for that, certainly what happened in this issue has put him in that position where he might cross that line to once again make sure no one gets in his way.

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Tony once again shows why he is the Superior Iron Man.

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