Comic Book Review: Superior Iron Man #9


Superior Iron Man (2014-) 009-000Nothing like a swift kick in the butt to say “Yeah this is still evil Tony you’re reading” with Superior Iron Man #9. The superior Iron Man has been ambushed, and now the kids gloves are off as he makes his move. This has been the part of the series we’ve been waiting for since Tony’s conflict with Daredevil because it was only a matter of time before those more capable took notice to do something about these actions. It’s only sad that no one has yet questioned that what has changed with Tony was a result of the Axis inversion.

Though with that said this has been one of the more powerful issues. Sad because this is also the last issue to break into Secret Wars. But this is the issue where Tom Taylor goes all in with this Tony who is not the good guy of this story. He’s not the guy looking out for the good of the people, to be the hero the people need, or to advance the world in any way that doesn’t earn him money in return. For those who have followed New Avengers or Secret Wars so far, it was any wonder as to how Tony found himself in such a place, and this issue of Superior Iron Man made sense of it all. This was a satisfying conclusion for Tony in this series because we all knew he would survive. The question at this point was how far Tony was taken down to lose it all. Nothing was held back when displaying just how superior Tony was to who he used to be. That distinction is clear, though the execution felt more natural in this issue when confronted by someone who challenged everything this inverted Tony stood for.

Enter the Superior Iron Woman! Is what many of us would like to say about this issue of Superior Iron Man. We all knew Rescue was going to make a return from the cover and for some of us the promos for Post-Secret Wars. So it all came down to the delivery of that moment, one that would have readers with someone to genuinely cheer for. It is appreciative that Tom Taylor took the time to bring her back into the spotlight in a way that we can connect with her again as someone who has become someone from under the shadow of Tony after all this time. A force to be reckoned with, and worthy of whatever comes her way after Secret Wars.

And with all of this going on, the closure for Jamie’s story was heartfelt and needed with so much drama going on between everyone else.

The artwork for this issue was especially exciting because it really has been a long time since we last saw these versions of the Iron Man suit. That feeling of nostalgia hit hard and drives home the reminder of how far we have come with Iron Man suits that one suit has really been all Tony has needed in recent times. The fight between Tony and these many suits was intense. It was good to see that quality did not suffer with so many things going on at once. Even more so that we could see the difference between these suits called relics and the real deal symbiote suit. That’s not to say that the Hulkbuster suit doesn’t stand out as looking complex and intimidating. What really grabs you is how much better Pepper’s suit looks from before. A big improvement that looks even better handled by this creative team. Overall the strength of the colors and how they were applied was excellent, and the inking especially for Tony was impressively used well to show off his dark side(darker side).

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Great series and a great end to one that brought excitement back to Iron Man as a character.

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