Comic Book Review: Superior Spider-Man #3


If you ask me my favorite Spider person, it’s really hard not to say Superior Spider-Man. If you aren’t looking at what they represent, then it is definitely what they do differently from the others. Otto is a new kind of Spider person who is as resourceful as they come. He thinks beyond the kicking, punching, and quips. Superior Spider-Man #2 proved that when science once again turned the tide in a battle for him. Enough so to have powered up through imbuing himself with the power cosmic. He has never been this powerful, and the anticipation was never greater to see what he could accomplish with this edge.

A lot of this chapter and the one before was action, but this is the kind of action-packed heroics you can get behind. The first issue, and part of the second gave us more than enough character moments and development to be able to jump headfirst into Otto’s first big battle. Genuine excitement is when nothing is straightforward either. Fortunately for us, straightforward is almost never the case with Otto. He faces enemies who truly push him to live up to his name being Superior Spider-Man. Now while this was action-packed, there was some underlying takeaway from this battle as well. For as much reputation as there was on the line, this was the perfect time to show how far Otto has come as an actual hero. Caring about the people he protects, that the city isn’t brought to its knees by a villain, these things matter when assuring us that there is some substance to his ambitions.

The cosmically powered Superior Spider-Man shook up this battle in the best way possible. Where this was once one-sided, now Otto had room to fight back. The only question was if this power boost was enough. This would have been too easy if that were the case, and I enjoyed how they still assured us that Terrax was every bit the villain who should be feared despite this twist. When you have two people clashing with the same power, everything comes down to who uses that power more creatively. The one who thinks outside the box best would be the victor. Now you would automatically think that means Otto hands down, but even then that would have been a slap to the face for the enemy he faces.

Even at this stage in the battle, they still found other ways to surprise us. As I mentioned before, Otto is also one of those characters who is only as good as his supporting cast. Every person he either engages with or finds in his orbit makes a difference. That includes one Anna who consistently proves that you don’t need powers or stature to be formidable. I’m very interested to see where the end game is with her involvement. Opinions might change if they decide to make her an obstacle, but only time will tell with this only being the third issue.

If you weren’t just onbaord for an excellent story, then it was the artwork which brought this all together. I was once more impressed by what this art team has been able to deliver. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I was disappointed by either the cover art or the interior work, and that didn’t change with this new ongoing either. Mike Hawthorne, Wade von Grawbadger, and Jordie Bellaire knocked it out of the park giving us a cosmic clash between Superior Spidey and Terrax. Like the issue before, it was thrilling to see just how powerful Terrax was when pushed by Otto to unleash so much raw power. The kind of power that shattered the city in so many ways. This was an issue to appreciate the detail that Hawthorne puts into his work because it takes some patience to consistently render a city taking that kind of damage and destruction. Just as much time if you are the colorist breathing life into all of that as well. Bellaire also stood out for every opportunity taken to make the art pop when these two forces unleashed the power cosmic. To also give them both distinctive auras was smart as well considering the explanation we got of how the power works.

If you were looking for another shallow adventure for Otto Octavius, then you were surely mistaken by the end of Superior Spider-Man #3. This third chapter gave us a pretty clear idea of which version of Otto we are dealing with, and what is now at stake for him setting up shop in San Francisco. Whether it was the endearing character moments, the action, or the clever twists, this series has more than proved its potential as an ongoing.

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