Comic Book Review: Superman Lois and Clark #2


Superman LOCL-Cv2-ds-8b011This issue of Superman Lois and Clark is the kind a fan would love to read. We get a story that gets readers excited for Lois and Clark while leaving small hints on some of the other characters that will get readers invested in the series. Plus who doesn’t love seeing covers that give readers an idea on what to expect to see in the issue while not giving away the story?

Dan Jurgens did an excellent job in making a story where Superman saved the day like a black ops agent work out so well. Superman does things you wouldn’t expect him to do in his adventures in the current DC universe. What surprised me the most is how Superman’s action’s in the issue make a lot of sense. It makes sense for him being a father trying to protect his family and it makes sense in dealing with certain characters because of past experiences on his own world. It’s a bit chilling what lengths Superman will go, but it still has that charm Jurgens puts in his Superman stories that make him the same man of steel we all remember today.

I’m enjoying Jurgens taking of Superman into this direction fans have never seen before, but I love he’s giving some of the other main characters of the series like Jon a chance in the spotlight. I’m not sure what others think of Jon, but I love how Jurgens is handling him in the series so far. We see traits of Lois and Clark that scream he’s their son. The way he’s written in this issue actually makes him act the way a kid would act in real life. We see him get into fights and reveal embarrassing secrets like any kid his age would do. He’s someone readers can easily connect with, that’s something I think is cool and I’m glad Jurgens pulled it off. Plus with the few hints Jurgens left here and there around with Jon, you can’t help but be invested in this character.

The art for this comic is amazing. Lee Weeks shows much improvement over the last issue. The characters don’t have any odd proportions to their body structure and the quality of the way he draws his characters overall is more appealing. This includes the characters having the right facial expressions and natural movements. With that said, the credit should also go to Brad Anderson on colors and Scott Hana on inks. Those two on Weeks’s art really make the comic have that feeling like you’re reading a Superman story from your childhood. These guys are great together and there are a lot of scenes where their work shines. My favorite scene would have to be Superman saving Chicago. There’s just something about that one page that really pops out to me as a reader.

Superman Lois and Clark #2 has everything you need in a good pre-New 52 Superman story. The characters are well written and the art is simply amazing. It’s hard to find anything bad about this issue because Jurgens and his team put a lot of effort into making a series that will please the Superman fans. It’s a comic that will get you hooked on the series if the first issue hasn’t done so already.

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This issue takes on a new direction that readers are going to love.

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