Comic Book Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7


It’s about time. Three words that couldn’t be more true when it came to the future of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. You thought it was coming out this week, that week, then you don’t even know and nobody has the answers you need. But thankfully this book picked up at all because it would have been a crime to have stopped so abruptly and indefinitely after the events of the last story arc.

Jumping into The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7 I really did forget the kind of gothic horror you had to brace yourself for when flipping open to the first page. It was one thing to know that Harvey Kinkle is newly resurrected, and another thing entirely to see that it is Edward Spellman inhabiting the body. Even after so long I still wanted to say too soon because that is how cringeworthy and heartbreaking his death was. But getting back to Edward Spellman, one had to really wonder what kind of person he was before he found himself bound to a tree. And that was on top of wondering just how the heck he finds himself now in the world of the living.

Edward Spellman was a big twist to throw our way, but more so when this is our opportunity to understand him through his past. If you didn’t already know who he was, this was refreshing for the fact that we are seeing a version unique to this Sabrina. This at least made getting back into the story welcoming since at the very least we are learning something that is a big part of Sabrina’s life unexplained. By his actions coming back in the body of Harvey, there had to be a reason for the way he is now. This exploration through Edward’s past was both enlightening and engaging. Sometimes we find ourselves too used to the same upbringing of a witch, that there are other ways they can live their lives. Especially when they are born into that life rather than taking an initiative/ritual into it. Edward is something new and that is appreciated from this book among many other liberties they take in storytelling. I mean sometimes it’s not enough to simply say that he’s a powerful witch. At a point it makes all the difference to show how he is, and how he became. It was quite the well-developed climb to power, all leading to how Sabrina came to be.

With this new story arc being called “Witch-War” and after the story Edward Spellman had to tell I could see what would spark a witch-war by Hilda and Zelda to keep Sabrina from him. These two are a piece of a larger picture you didn’t even know existed till now. I actually felt more of an admiration for these two than I ever did before. If there was ever a time you overlooked or underestimated them, this was a wake-up call.

Still a treat is Robert Hack’s artwork. He really nails that gothic look that separates this story from most others involving Sabrina. It was more important than ever when Hack is detailing the past of Edward. These are times where there is more tradition and a stronger emphasis on spells that require circles, sigils, and patterns. It was a nice touch to capture that devilish charm of Edward as he was younger. You could see that there was something about him to fear before that was actually true. The same way you could see the attitude of Hilda and Zelda develop through experiences with Edward. Hack’s witch designs are downright gruesome and horrifying. Though this time around it was his designs with demons which grab your attention most. They’re not your average monsters, but they’re horrific in every way. The coloring is spectacular with faded yellows and browns making up much of the background. Even more so how he uses stronger colors like reds and what not to emphasize graphic moments or key features for actions/expressions that aren’t quite human.

Was The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7 worth the wait? You’re damn right it was. Never thought I would be so relieved to be thrown back into this twisted tale. The Spellman family really has some problems, and it seems the worst of them is getting his second chance. First we still had Madam Satan out and about, but now there is the danger of Edward Spellman which could only be understood through a look into his murderous past.

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