Comic Book Review: The Immortal Men #1


Another week, and another introduction to a new story to grace the New Age of DC Heroes. So far I have been excited looking forward to this title when there is two books now that focus on the supernatural corner of the DC Universe. The More the merrier if you ask me as you can never have enough representation of what these stories have to offer. Especially for one which tells the tale of a secret history to the DC Universe of heroes who have protected humanity from the shadows since the dawn of time.

This story quickly proved to be one of the most unique of the bunch. The least straightforward from the others that have a theme going from it at the start. What similarity he does have to our other created characters is how at this point he is having this emergence in becoming more than he was before. We begin this story from the perspective of our main character, Caden Park. Another character who you might appreciate isn’t exactly someone who was directly influenced from the events of Dark Nights: Metal despite these new stories spinning out of the event. Not to say it isn’t, but Caden himself doesn’t have that direct influence in contrast to some others.Now for those of us who haven’t read that event, this story is still welcoming in terms of the exploration. There will be some questions raised regardless if you aren’t caught up with that story considering who has a hand in helping the House of Conquest.

That aside, Caden is a character that you definitely will have to work towards warming up to since its more his situation rather than he himself that you take interest in. Trying to make sense of his emerging powers is what creates our entrypoint into the mystery of The Immortal Men. Nothing is clear at first, but you get the picture right away that he is connected to whatever is now unfolding. He is thrown blindly into the fray and that worked best for the reaction and response when it came time for paths to cross.

When the story did take us back to the Immortal Men, that was when it was understood what kind of danger these heroes have been facing to cause for a panic that their time might be coming to a close. Of course these things always begin with murders, but when it comes to those who are supposed to live forever, that is the impact needed to make a statement. When the idea of this team popped up, the wonder on my mind was why this was the first time hearing of characters like this existing. Well more so how they could exist without helping the world times over during major events. It made sense once diving into the tragic war between them and the House of Conquest that only now has taken a turn for the worst. The House of Conquest did have a strong introduction through the action that they called a devastating blow towards the Immortal Men.

The art team for this book was a big one. Too many names to list here at once, but with that many on deck the quality of work was excellent. I mean there wasn’t a reason to fear what would come of Jim Lee having a hand in this art team. His pencil work and Ryan’s worked very well when the detail was pretty stunning that they put into the characters and settings. The settings most importantly when it came to key scenes that set the tone for this story. That devastating blow that the House of Conquest deals was the kind of gruesome scene you anticipate being exposed to from a story isn’t anchored to the rules of superheroes. With that said, the character design of those characters stood out as well. The horns of the leader a bit too familiar, but she had the right amount of intimidation put into everything else. The colors also helped there and I wasn’t too surprised with the depth to the colors considering we had both Jeremiah Skipper and Alex Sinclair working together. Both have a strong range to their color selection, and even better share a similar style that doesn’t distract.

The Immortal Men #1 I will say now probably has had the best debut in contrast to the rest of the New Age of DC Heroes titles so far. This one has all the intrigue and creativeness of a story that has gone on forever, and yet a story we are only exploring now. The team itself is a crazy match on top of our main character, and it is worth seeing just what everyone brings to the table for the House of Action to stand against the House of Conquest once more.

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