Comic Book Review: The Immortal Men #2


The Immortal Men has all the intrigue and creativeness of a story that has gone on forever, and yet a story we are only exploring now. The team itself is a crazy match on top of our main character, all of which had a solid introduction in the first issue. I was satisfied with the direction the story has taken when this is not one that you would want to spend too much time with explanations or flashbacks. They jumped right into the thick of this conflict between the House of Action and House of Conquest.

Considering the first issue was used to introduce us to Caden and explore the story of the House of Action and House of Conquest, it was only fitting that this second issue would prioritize us getting to know this team itself. For as crazy of a mix this team is, we still did not know who they are or what it is exactly that they each can do. What we did learn about each was interesting for the contrast in capabilities. Each came from very different places and points in time. Getting to know where they came from also made sense of what they could do at the same time. Following their chase of Caden kept things engaging since they haven’t made formal introductions with him yet. So that left a lot of things up in the air about their expectations for Caden, if they could get to him in one piece, and what they need to do in general to have a fighting chance against the House of Conquest.

One the House of Conquest’s end, there was much that remains vague about them, but we at the very least grasp what they are after and their end game. The leader, the Infinite Woman, of this house has the most active voice so far which is different for a new story such as this. Learning through her and her subordinates has been engaging so far as we have clear stakes in mind for those who are in her way. Their actions are direct as well which is to be appreciated. If running into the Immortal Men could have been enough to rattle Caden, their presence flipped his world on its head.

The scare they tried to create through Caden figuring out this situation was a bit puzzling. Nothing was too straightforward which pretty much took us in circles until someone could actually finish a complete train of thought between the Immortal Man and his father. It was only Caden running into trouble that made a statement since it was only now that we could see the new rules to this game that the Infinite Woman is taking full advantage of.

It wasn’t too shocking to see that already we were down a few artists. I can see why they would have an artist like Jim Lee would have a part in the debut issue, but he honestly should not be part of a book that he isn’t going to be a regular on. That’s just my personal opinion, quality of work aside because some readers want consistency. With that said, having just Ryan Benjamin works since they share a similar style of artwork. At this point you could tell that it mostly his work regardless. That aside, I like the detail that Benjamin is able to get out of his pencils between the characters and these monsters. There was a proper image created of what each of the Immortal Men could do, as well as a new enemy working with the Infinite Woman. These monsters look terrifying, though it was really their numbers that stood out. It was the smart move working with monsters who also didn’t have a definite shape to avoid the trouble that is uniformity.

The Immortal Men #2 took big steps forward in addressing what both sides are fighting for. There’s still a lot for them to explain about this secret war, but for now every bit makes a difference. The character development as well makes a big difference where now we can decide what our investment in what more this story has to offer. So far the balance is okay between character, plot, and action.

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