Comic Book Review: The Mighty Thor #706


There are very few superheroes these days who can die and their death mean it. If a hero is going to face their doom, this is how you do it. Jane Foster’s final act as Thor was enough to make you choke up because that is what it means to sacrifice yourself for the something more than yourself. Whether it was Odinson or Jane Foster this story was powerful, and the emotions weighed heavily. I really had to brace myself for what came next with this finale.

The reactions were all different in the reveal that Jane Foster was the new Thor, but all the same emotions were running high. One reaction above all was to be expected and I would have wanted nothing less from that person who was so stubborn in his ways to the very end. The long-awaited argument between Jane Foster and said person was worth the wait when this was that time to set aside stubbornness for thankfulness. In general, the writing for Odin was at its best here when there was so much to not like about the guy in the entirety of his involvement in this story. Not to mention he rarely had much to say dealing with what was the deteriorating condition of Freya. As for everyone else, it was of course welcomed to follow their efforts and grievances towards how this ended.

Now everything about Odinson’s response to losing Jane was heartbreaking. This was the first time that he has been able to put anything before his unworthiness. All these years one would have assumed that he had moved on from Jane. She hasn’t played a big role in his life for quite some time, so it was a painful reminder that his feelings never faded. The lengths he was willing to go to change Jane’s fate said more than enough if words and anger did not. Everything leading up to the end of the issue overall was a nice set-up for how we will eventually come to the version of Thor that has been teased in the new Avengers ongoing.

If there was anything to take from the conclusion to this story, it was what can be accomplished when the gods begin to act like gods. Nothing should ever be out of their reach and what feats they accomplished here proved just that.

In these final moments after death, I liked that we could finally have this moment to explore what is going through her mind with all the dust settled. Without the hammer and without the warm of ten realms weighing on her mind, now was the time where she could think about what it truly means to be dead. Vice versa she was also able to have that moment of reflection to consider what it means to be alive as well. Her heart will be something missed moving forward, but I’m glad that this is only but another chapter. Nothing is ever written in stone for those involved with the gods.

So much about this final issue was beautiful. Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson have consistently come through with artwork that could not be matched in the realm of gods in the Marvel Universe. Only one other artist at the very start of the Thor run was this notable (Esad Ribic). I felt myself captivated by the scene they set after the destruction of the Mangog and Mjolnir. Of course there was some confusion towards what was seen in the sky above, but with context came beauty. Even with the hammer gone they were able to create effects that we have never seen before. A gorgeous storm that flowed with such life and vigor. The intensity of white was refreshing when not many can pull this off without too much overlapping or covering up what we need to see. Aside from that, the layout style was something to appreciate from start to finish. This added extra appeal to events as they unfolded when every flip of the page we were reading things a bit differently.

This story of Jane Foster was everything we could have hoped for and so much more. The only readers who cannot appreciate what we got here were those who did not bother to understand the story of the Thors past, present, and future. When it was foretold that there was going to be a new Thor during the time when Odinson was lost, this was what they were going to get around to. Jane was never going to be a permanent replacement for Thor, but that never meant her tale wasn’t one to be told and experienced. The Mighty Thor #706 wrapped this up beautifully in a way that reinvigorates our interest in the lives of all gods and the very idea of them.

So with that said, I will also urge readers to stay tuned for Mighty Thor: At The Gates of Valhalla #1, because if you don’t understand what’s in the realm of possibility for Thor after this, it’s because you missed out once again!

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