Comic Book Review: The Shadow #3


The mystery behind Mary’s burn patient is becoming clearer with everyone seeming to be on the same train of thought about the vanished vigilante. It was good at the same time to see more of Mary beyond simply being a nurse. There’s much more to her than what we were seeing on the surface or what involved her past with The Shadow. Right now is when we want to see the urgency of getting answers when there is still a deeper plot unfolding.

Moving forward the focus continues to press on Mary finding the truth about this patient of hers. I’m sure that there are some out there who probably might find a problem with the lack of present Shadow in their story, though this is refreshing towards your usual tale. Mot times it may be the same villain he’s approaching, or crossing over with another vigilante, or even tossed into a different period of time. This right here is The Shadow in modern day and it is really the legend of the guy that they are playing into. If you admired The Shadow for who he is and what he does, then you would feel engaged on a different level by the way he influences those who praise him and fear him. Which brings us to this interesting group of characters Mary runs into. It was a cool moment because while Mary keeps things refreshing as someone of youth, we did also need the contrast of perspective from those who are older and more aware of exactly who and what The Shadow stands for.

With this issue the urgency climbed though steadily. The best step forward was a rise in political tensions and lethal copycats committing acts of terror in his name. You knew that there was trouble creeping around the corner for Mary, though you couldn’t put your finger on who or what she needed to be watching her back for. The safest bet for her was to be able to know if who she had in her care was actually The Shadow and how to proceed from there.

As with both issues before, there was a story to tell from The Shadow’s mind as they dived for answers. It really is an exciting adventure because these moments are both new to old readers, and new to a reader who has decided that this is where they want to learn about The Shadow and what makes him tick. Most times we are seeing The Shadow himself reinforcing the thought of what lies within the heart of men, though this has shaken things up where we are actually trying to see what lurks in the heart of The Shadow himself. That is a dark place to travel to, but you have to admit that the guy knows his craft very well when it comes to handling those who are corrupt. what his led to was a chilling scene, pretty intense, though the best way to hit the gas on the pacing.

The art team has at this point found their footing and the interior work couldn’t look better. First off you take notice of the way that while this is a story set in modern day, they style the artwork to take on that pulp design. That grainy texture gives the book a classic vibe to it. For Mary herself, it was good o see more personality brought to her character. This might be a Shadow story, though for right now she is pretty much the main character. She grabs your attention through a drive for answers and an attitude that doesn’t allow her to be challenged on that search for answers. Much of the exploration through this present day probably wouldn’t have worked well enough without a character like her to follow. And with that said, they do get very detailed with the settings as well. The fine point used by Daniel HDR made a big difference in capturing every building, structure and or whatever else better engaged you in the story. It was also cool to see how those who genuinely follow The Shadow were then and now. They stand out from most people off the bat just from the way they carry themselves, though at the same time looking ordinary considering everyday people are who make up his network.

The Shadow #3 takes some big steps forward. What started as a story where we were hunting for the truth behind this burned man quickly evolved into something new. The next issue will be one to anticipate when the time for questions is settling, and there is more need to take action.

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