Comic Book Review: The Terrifics #10


This meeting of the Strong Family has been one heck of an adventure to get to this point. Honestly I never thought I would be as invested in this book as I am, but it is the full package of exploration, discovery, mystery, and action. All of which comes with some notable character moments as well. All of it to get to this point where everything now comes full circle to the person who started it all for this team and family.

I was definitely caught off guard at the revelation that of all people it would be Java behind it all. It makes sense once you put the pieces together, but it doesn’t change how much this can still catch you off guard. On the surface he just seems like someone bitter at what he can’t attain, and bitter about the kind of life he was brought into. You wouldn’t assume that he is more driven than his boss to pull off this villainous plot, but he is definitely more capable given his intellect. Overall, the motivation was there, it was undeniable, and it was a great reason for the lengths he was still going through the events of this issue to see his plans through.

The reaction from everyone else also added to the atmosphere of this scene. It would be one thing if Java was someone putting on a ruse, but he was never truly someone you got along with. Not unless you were Sapphire. Where someone at this point might backtrack or look for ways out of their situation, his relationship with all these heroes only provokes a deeper intent to be rid of them. I mean, as I said before, there are some of these heroes who undeniably do know how to get under someone’s skin whether they mean to or not.
What got me initially excited for this issue was seeing already just how far Java was willing to go in order to eliminate everyone with finality. Normally I might be a bit bugged to know what I’m in store for based on the cover image, but this only added to the anticipation of the confrontation with Java since you had to wonder how he could pull this off. To unleash the Dark Elder is as crazy as it gets for someone like him. I was actually very interested to see how dangerous this Dark Elder could be since what we saw of it before wasn’t exactly alive and kicking. To actually see this behemoth springing into action was a big shocker in that regard. It goes without saying that the explanation of this Elder was also welcomed when there are still many things about the Dark Multiverse that we still do not understand without proper exploration.

As I pointed out above, this wouldn’t be such a great series without the character writing. Even with such a big cast of characters to work with in this battle, there were still numerous moments that stood out for things you couldn’t get these characters to express under different circumstances. To be able to capture a genuine appreciate for science shared between two scientists, teammates actually acting like teammates, the pain of this team realizing just what kind of team they actually are. When they said that they wouldn’t walk away from this unscathed, that was not something they said for the sake of it.

The artwork was impressive for a lot that happened in this issue. When things get this chaotic, or you deal with this many characters at the same time, in some cases the art will get messy depending on the artist. It would be nothing against the artist, but they will clearly show that they got a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately that was not the case for the art team of Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, and Michael Spicer. They handled all of this very well. The big boss fight, collapsing buildings, explosions going off everywhere. All of it they nailed with precision and clarity. The inking was very much recognized for a lot of the explosiveness of this battle. Glapion and Spicer were clearly on the same page when it came to the bold/flashy colors that called for a lot of shading and inking that brought out the depth. I think what grabbed my attention most was seeing the Dark Elder in action. The work put into making this entity fearsome in stature and presence made a big difference. Next to that I would say the creativity that went into the layout work. The panel shapes, the overlapping, and the splash pages really helped in keeping your eyes engaged from page to page.

The Terrifics #10 was all the excitement you could ask for from this team, and from the Strong Family. Great dynamics, perfect boss battle scenario, didn’t fail to throw in some science, and really put the team to the test when questioning where they could go from how this concluded.

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