Comic Book Review: The Terrifics #13


If you think about an obscure team that has no business being a thing? The Terrifics is that book which jumps out at you. They were forced together because of the Dark Multiversal energies which would have blown them up if separated far from each other. However, without that being the case, were they ever really a team? This story arc has put that to the challenge and the results have been more than satisfying.

Terrifics no more? I think not! We have seen what these heroes lives looked like without the purpose that this team gave them, and they were all found wanting. Now with Mr. Terrific in danger, they have answered the call to action and not a moment too late. I like that it would be Mr. Terrific who required the help, being that he is someone who prides himself in being able to handle things on his own. This was the perfect situation to challenge how far he can be pushed before he drops that bravado. Not only this, but push Mr. Terrific to reveal some of those vulnerabilities he tries so hard to mask about his past. Especially when what is at stake is protecting a version of himself where Paula became Mrs. Terrifics instead. This team-up of Mr. and Mrs. Terrific was thrilling for the fact that this is the first time since Tom Strong where Micheal was able to interact with someone on the same wavelength as him. That is normally when he is at his best, and it helped that he had someone who actually knows him as well as he knows himself.

The execution of the rest of the team reuniting was the answer you needed if there was any question of that glue which held them together. Not to say that Mr. Terrific could be a downer, but this scene was everything endearing that you loved about these characters. They are by no means compatible based on personality alone, but you could see that their time together rubbed off on them through the way that they respond to these different quirks. It shook things up a tad just by also adding Plastic Man’s son into the mix. Having that added head on the team allowed for a better understanding of their bond from a fresh perspective.

This issue was all about setting up the final battle between the The Terrifics and The Dreadfuls. To that extent they were successful for the fact that the battle itself wasn’t something you were worried bout when this was equal parts entertaining and action-packed from start to finish. Some other books around this point would drag a story out because the set-up would involve too much talking or too little pay-off. That was far from the case in The Terrifics #13 when there was fun interactions between these characters, heartwarming introductions, and an establishing of just how formidable these Dreadfuls can be before the final battle begins.

The art team of Joe Bennett, Dexter Vines, and Mike Spicer went above and beyond this month. I was very glad to see Joe Bennett’s name in particular as the penciler because this guy is a very detailed artist who does not skip a beat when it comes to the full experience of an adventure. You get the characters, the settings, and everything else in-between that. Off the bat I enjoyed the opening page that felt classic with the headshots surrounding the border of the page. The splash pages jumped out at you for a lot going on at once that is never out of focus. He doesn’t once sacrifice quality for quantity. I mean, some things do get a bit shaky when it comes to faces, but that is never something off enough to distract you. As a whole, his pencils captured an exciting journey through multiple universes, and some that are familiar to readers for heroes who are specific to them. The inks from Vines as usual added depth to all of this, and more noticeable when you have Mr. and Mrs. Terrific who wear a lot of black. Aside from that, Spicer’s colors were beautiful for the energy he put into making everything special pop. His work with textures, glows, highlights, and even skin tones were on the mark. This would not have had the same liveliness without the range of colors that Spicer takes advantage of. You would have to considering so many places traveled in such a short amount of time.

As a whole, the best word I could use for The Terrifics #13 is endearing. That is something that separates this book from a lot out there which might focus on action over characters. This creative team strikes a brilliant balance between the two and keeps you coming back for more. It may have taken some time apart, but these heroes genuinely represented what it means to have a sense of duty and a need to answer the call to action.

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