Comic Book Review: The Terrifics #3


In the most unconventional of ways, this creative team stuck the landing with what makes this team so different from most others out there in the DC Universe. Off the bat this was unique for having a roster of heroes who neither have anything in common or any reason to stick together without sharing the same goals. All it took was the little twist that they couldn’t separate even if they wanted to and the stage was set. I couldn’t help but anticipate their reaction and how they responded to this new development.

So with that said, I found myself entertained by what came next when this is the last thing either of them would want to hear after their recent experience. Despite them making it out of the dark multiverse in one piece, there was no denying that there would be no love lost if none of them saw each other again. For someone like me, this was one of my first exposures to a hero such as Mr. Terrific. I was taken back by the discovery that he was not the most pleasant person to be around. He quickly fell into that cliche of logic over emotion, putting everything involving his research above all else. The only one I could have found sympathy with was Phantom Girl since there was nothing convenient about her inability to turn physical or return home. It did not help Terrific’s case that he could show no urgency to at least help someone who has been missing for so many years.

Speaking of getting to know characters, this was also a great time to get to know those like Metamorpho who you would be less likely to be familiar with, next to Phantom Girl who is new. His situation was a point of interest since he has a personal relationship going on with someone who puts him in a tense situation her father. It wasn’t hard to see why he would feel the way he does about how he ended up in this mess and the lack of understanding he is receiving from someone you would assume should be able to see things from his perspective. In general it was nice to see that there was more than what lied beyond his tough exterior.

Now as bad as this team may be on a personal level, in action? That more than made up for their lack of compatibility as people. The combo alone between Plastic Man and Metamorpho was worth it all in the moment. With the right direction they are a team that can accomplish a lot. More than what was assumed at first given the lack of knowledge of some on this roster.

There wasn’t too much that stood out in the interior art aside from the stronger focus on the characters themselves and the action. Sometimes it can be very engaging when you have an artist who commands a level of realism to the characters. It made all the difference in this issue when everyone had their own way of reacting to being stuck together. Anger, panic, and frustration they all felt intensified as there was already a cold wind that blew through them. A lot of them wore their emotions on their sleeves, or in terms of the artwork they had these emotions etched on their faces which said all that needed to be said about the mood level. This art team I can tell loved the idea of Pplastic Man and Metamorpho on the same team. Two heroes who can transform their bodies at will? That opens up so many opportunities to get both creative and wild. How those two took on the rolling death-inferno that is the War Wheel was the definition of what it means to have fun with the ridiculous.

Emotions are running high after the events of The Terrifics #3. If anyone thought this was going to be another straightforward wacky adventure, this issue said otherwise. Things are only going to get worse before they get better for this team that just can’t seem to get on the same page.

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