Comic Book Review: The Terrifics #5


The Terrifics has somehow been the one of “The New Age of Heroes” series that has consistently impressed me from the start. This one truly embraces the mystery and fun in the unknown. Even outside of the new line of books, this one is very unique in DC’s library for bringing together such a bizarre combination of characters. Which also makes it that much better that the main plot centers around their inability to be more than a mile apart.

Off the bat, I enjoyed the introduction to the team at the start of this issue. I always say it that it is appreciated no matter the book when those few pages are taken to welcome readers into the story and world. Not every issue can read like a first issue, but it can still be welcoming.

Being such a bizarre combination of characters, that made it very interesting to also point out what makes this situation of theirs so difficult. It’s not just about being obscure, it’s also about these people being so different from one another. They all have personal matters to deal with, and this bond puts a strain on all of that. This issue in particular seemed to spend a little more time addressing what puts a strain between them, and others outside of this team who matter to them. I mean it was a big step in general for them to get into what Plastic Man would have to inevitably face after finally awakening after five years stuck in an egg form. He’s clearly missed a lot, and has people who were wondering where he was. That’s not something you would so easily overlook, so every moment like that mattered. Even to further press upon Phantom Girl’s situation considering the previous issue was focused specifically on her making a trip to her home world.

Adding this new mission on top of whatever they were dealing with was bold. Usually they are hard to get on the same page or in the right state of mind to get a job done, but now? You are pretty much left waiting for one of them to let their emotions get the best of them. It could be a lashing out against each other, or against whoever has dragged them away this time. Till then, the intrigue lied with their reaction to this town made entirely out of Metamorpho. It made no sense, but there it was and throwing everyone into a panic over what people are capable of with that kind of power. The source of this madness was unexpected. Not everyone you would assume is familiar with a character like Metamorpho, so this was a unique opportunity to understand him a bit better from an entity that holds dominion over his power.

Visually this issue was one of the more engaging so far. The last issue nailed capturing raw emotion, but this one had more of a personal touch to it when these characters are stretching their legs to interact with others and each other. They all bring out different reactions, response, and forms of expressions from one another. Again it helps having an artist like Shaner who has a good handle on drawing people with an organic approach. Now the fun here was what happened when they were able to draw all these people affected differently by Metamorpho’s powers. Some looked exactly like him, some came out looking deformed, intimidating, and much more. It was pretty funny that there was an inclusion of an actual dog that took on this appearance. I definitely appreciated having Nathan Fairbairn onboard here as a color artist with strong range. It was more important this time around to be able to show off that skill in textures considering the source of Metamorpho’s powers are elemental.

The Terrifics #5 struck a great balance between adventure and personal exploration. We got the best of both worlds without the need to prioritize one thing over the other. Every issue that they are working to better their situation, break this bond, or fight off evil, that is a worthwhile investment.

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