Comic Book Review: The Wicked & The Divine #30


Gods, am I right? I mean this is the kind of freedom for the Pantheon that we wanted for them since understanding the leash Ananke had on them, so what happened when she was gone is also technically what we asked for. Some of them you could predict would become troublesome, but for most of them to be that way is a problem. From what we can assume, two years is only two years if they allow it.

Now if there’s one thing that has nagged me for a while since Ananke’s death, and that is the deal with this machine. What purpose Ananke had for hers was pretty clear, but what Cass and Woden are building? That still remains a mystery even now. What is appreciated however is the depth this part of the story has given characters like Woden. He was fun before because he thrived on being the ass, but that could only go on for so long when others outclass him in a number of ways. As of now he is favorable for the way he has grown to be helpful without also being spiteful. The way he used his Valkyries and manipulated the gods around him was crappy. Next to Dionysus he is second to coming a long way from where he was before.

If there’s one character who has managed to impress you since the Pantheon found their freedom, it had to be Dionysus. This was a guy who before would only make sporadic to rare appearances, and now is a key character to the lives they currently live. He connects with a good number of them in a way they wish they could do with others. This puts him in the best position to address when some of the gods are out of line like The Morrigan. We’ve all come to love Baphomet for the role he has played up to this point, so it hurts when he is clearly in a tight spot with less control over the situation than he has ever had before. Seeing things from his perspective as well was interesting. It was hard to get a good read of the situation from the way he responded, though it kind of made sense that he wasn’t as rattled as everyone was worrying about him.

After this issue, The Morrigan made another good example of how things can go wrong for some of these gods. Consumed by so much anger that she has buried a part of herself in the process. There was a genuine reason now to fear her that wasn’t simply seeing the Goth in her.

All this aside, the only problem at the moment is that nothing is really happening. A lot is going on, though nothing too standout or memorable. It’s not that you need a big fight, or someone to die, or come back from the dead, but you just need to feel like we are getting somewhere with the direction each group has taken. You could see it that way, or you could choose to be patient that things will come once we get closer to their expiration date.

For the art team, there is at least the pleasure of always finding something visually to grab your attention. For this issue I had to say it was Dionysus confronting The Morrigan in her domain about Baphomet. I’ve always liked the way they set up the Underground. It may be a domain, but its nothing but sheer darkness that keeps you on your toes about what lurks within. Between Dio and Morrigan I wasn’t sure who I should fear just based on the shadows given to their expressions. You have his determination, and her anger that was growing every time she had to come back to tell him to go away. With that said, seeing Baal spring into action never gets old. The strength of the colors that captures his raw power always pops and makes you worry for whoever he is planning to attack. Overlapping over the panels makes a difference as well. The other thing which caught my eye is the way they draw Woden. Because of his helmet there has to be extra effort put into his body language. Its funny when you can never tell if he’s being real or up to something. It helps a lot when even with the helmet they cut off his head in some scenes to create suspicion.

The Wicked & The Divine #30 for the most part was a tame issue which is different for this book. Not a bad thing, though hopefully the next issue pushes their need to find Sakhmet, to get this machine rolling, or make us fear the great darkness again. Till then I guess you’re just enjoying the everyday life of a god.

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